Calvin and Hobbes Is 30 Years Old Today And We Couldn't Be More Nostalgic

One of the greatest comic strips of all time celebrates three decades of awesomeness!

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    On November 18, 1985 Bill Watterson launched a comic strip that would one day become a cultral phenomenon.

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    The publication once ran in 2,400 newspapers before it's creator pulled it in December 1995.

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    In an interview with Mental Floss, Watterson explained that "Calvin and Hobbes created a level of attention and expectation that I don't know how to process". This became even more evident to the creator when Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and countless others famously approached Watterson in order to acquire the movie rights for the duo.

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    In an effort to keep the magic alive, Watterson kept the comics undisturbed and we can still enjoy them in their original glory today.

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    Happy Birthday Calvin and Hobbes! Let us know your favorite Calvin and Hobbes comic strip in the comments below.

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