best youtube channels

we all get bored but there are some channels out there that can surely make your day with either lots of humor or info you didn't know, here are six you tube channels to keep you ocupied

  1. 1


    this channel just makes anything 10x funner, they voice over the video into saying what looks similar to another word, just watch the video it explains it all XD

  2. 2


    this Channel has lot of other themed channels with the same name but different colors, they do informative or humorous videos for example this one is my favorite one they did.

  3. 3


    he is a very funny gamer that just loves to make us laugh at him as he scares himself from horror games he plays or just plain entertaining games.

  4. 4


    he isnt as well known but it is verry impressive if you love gun sync, or just love to be m=impressed with guns syncing with music perfectly, this is the channel you will be mostly impressed with.

  5. 5


    this is more of a channel that just make you laught as they remix fail videos or just funny videos into diffrent song, this one is myfavorite one

  6. 6


    im pretty sure everyone knows this channel but if you dont they make compliations on themed things, like weather fails my favorite :D

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