Best Upcoming Video Games For 2015/16 (By Date)

Top 10 Upcoming Video Games For You!!

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    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

    Another installment in a tactical shooter series Rainbow Six endorsed by Tom Clancy. This one was developed by Ubisoft Montreal Studio, known for such bestsellers as Watch_Dogs and Assassin’s Creed games. The title is a spiritual continuator of previously announced Rainbow Six: Patriots, which eventually did not come out. Gameplay is built around police special forces fighting terrorists, with emphasis put on tactics and fortifying your positions. Most missions take place in confined spaces, which – thanks to an advanced physics engine – is prone to full destruction. While fighting the two teams may shoot through or blow up walls, floor, and ceiling, and also barricade doors. Because of this, the situation on the battlefield changes dynamically, necessitating players to adjust their tactics and cooperate with teammates.

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    Just Cause 3

    The third installment in a popular series of sandbox action games that came out after five years hiatus thanks to the original creators, Avalanche Studios. The game features new adventures of special agent Rico Rodriguez, who works for a secret branch of CIA, known as The Agency. You travel to the Mediterranean Sea region, specifically a small republic of Medici, which suffers under the heavy hand of merciless general Di Ravello. Just as in previous installments in the series, your task is to overthrow the dictator. The game lets you explore a region of over 400 square miles, which you can traverse any way you like. There you find series of story-related objectives and side missions. You travel across the island using a large spectrum of vehicles and gadgets. The hero can make use of both classic firearms, as well as bigger caliber weapons. When it comes to audiovisuals, the game was designed with the view of the eight generation consoles, making a big quality leap when compared with previous installments in the series.

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    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

    The fourth full-fledged installment in a popular fighting game series set in the universe known from manga and anime about Naurto. This game series has been developed since 2008 by Bandai Namco Entertainment. When it comes to story, the game exists as a direct sequel to the previous editions of the series, focusing on the last chapter of the manga. In the story mode you explore the game’s world, meet characters known from the universe of Naruto and take part in spectacular duels highlighted by unique special abilities of each hero. The other parallel game mode is fighting mode, in which you participate in duels on confined arenas. For the first time in the series the game uses QTE in some attacks. Moreover, lots of changes were made when it comes to combat mechanics and damage system. Since this is the first game in the series released on the eight generation consoles, also the graphics was improved. Created with cel-shading technique the artwork still resembles the original anime.

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    Firewatch is a first person adventure game with major focus on exploration; it is the debut production of the independent Campo Santo studio, which was founded in 2013 in San Francisco. The developer team consists out of seven members, some of them were previously involved in creating other titles, such as The Walking Dead: Season One, Mark of the Ninja, The Cave, Gone Home, BioShock 2 or Brutal Legend.The action of Firewatch takes place in the modern world, specifically in a grand forest in the American state of Wyoming. We step into the shoes of Henry, a man who is tired of his current life, and decides to run away from his problems and civilization to serve as a woodland ranger through the summer. His job mainly comes down to looking out for early signs of forest fires from a high tower in the middle of the woods; however, the simple, calm and lonely job quickly complicates when Henry becomes a witness of events which cannot simply be overlooked.Exploration is not the only important aspect of Firewatch. What is also deeply emphasized is creating a bond between Henry and the only other independent character within his reach – his supervisor, Delilah, who maintains contact with our hero through the radio. Despite the distance between the two, Henry values his boss greatly, as were it not for her, he would be completely alone and she is also directly connected to the oncoming events.The game has been created using the Unity engine, which means that we can expect esthetic and good-looking graphics but without amazing texture quality or special graphical effects.Campo Santo have focused greatly on the storyline of Firewatch and therefore have decided not to implement a multiplayer mode within the production.

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    Street Fighter V

    The fifth full-fledged installment in one of the longest and most popular fighting game series from Capcom company originated back in 1987. The game offers new, more complex combat system, which at the same time is easier to learn. The system is enriched with three brand new techniques: V-Skills, V-Reversals, and V-Triggers, based on the rechargeable V-Gauge bar. The base game features 16 playable characters, including the greatest legends of the series and 4 new warriors. More characters, as well as whole lot of extra content can be bought for special virtual currency, earned in the game. Street Fighter V allows for cross-platform competition for owners of PCs and consoles. The game shows off cel shading graphics, based on modern Unreal Engine 4 that allowed for a quality leap in comparison with the previous installments. At the same time the developers managed to retain the series’ characteristic look.

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    Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

    Get ready to enter the danger zone with Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 2. It’s a crazy new world - the zombies have taken over Suburbia, and the plants are on the attack to take it back!

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    Tom Clancy's The Division

    An online action game that combines tactical shooter with elements of cRPG. Tom Clancy's The Division is a game made by Ubisoft Massive Studios in cooperation with Ubisoft Reflections. The game is set in a near future, when the United States is struck by a pandemic. Players become members of a secret governmental organization called The Division, which tries to contain the chaos spreading across New York City. The gameplay focuses on rivalry between small groups of players. The world’s open structure presents the players with much freedom of exploration these expansive terrains and doing missions. When it comes to technicality, Tom Clancy's The Division uses the potential of an advanced Snowdrop Engine.

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    The sixth full-fledged installment in a best-selling third person stealth game series originated in 2000 and continually developed by IO Interactive, the studio also known for Kane & Lynch franchise. This next portion of adventures of the titular hitman, Agent 47, as always offers huge freedom in the way you can complete objectives – you may either go in stealthy or start a shootout. At the same time in-game locations, spread across the entire globe, are even more open and diverse. The most essential innovation in the sixth game are new types of contracts released periodically by developers and open only for a time. Apart from traditional story missions there are also special jobs, which cannot be replayed if failed. As the first Hitman game released on the eight generation consoles, the graphics enters the next level of quality.

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    Doom 4The fourth part in one of the most famous FPS franchises in history, originated by id Software Studio in 1993. Since then the overall story background remained basically unchanged, so the player takes on the role of a sole commando who has to fight back hordes of demons from Hell spawned in a military research base as a result of a failed experiment. In contrast to the third game, which bore elements of horror, Doom is focused on fast-paced action, thus going back to the roots of the series. The hero learned some brand new skills, including spectacular finishers, making the gameplay even more brutal. One of the landmarks of the franchise is expansive multiplayer, this time enriched with a useful tool called SnapMap. It lets players create not only maps and locations, but also their own play modes – from cooperative battles against enemy hordes through to classic Deathmatch.

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    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault

    A cyberpunk online FPS game based on a popular manga and anime Ghost in the Shell, and more precisely, animated TV series Stand Alone Complex. This title was created by a Nexon company’s subsidiary who specialize in online games. This production is set in the year 2030 in a fictitious Japanese city New Port. Most of the society has enriched their bodies with implants or even exchanged their bodies for a fully mechanical shell. In times like this, special forces of Public Security Section 9 stay on guard of the safety of the citizens. The game focuses on online clashes between two teams: agents of the aforementioned security forces and well-trained mercenaries. Gameplay mechanics from classic online shooters was enriched with hacking options, and players are supported by tachikoma, known to fans of the TV series – small though well-armed robots controlled by AI.

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    Far Cry Primal

    Far Cry Primal for PC / Windows is a first-person open world action game. The project was developed by one of Ubisoft’s subsidiaries.Far Cry Primal takes a big step away from the earlier installments, which offered either modern or futuristic settings. This time the authors took on the Stone Age period. You become a prehistoric hunter named Takkar living about 10 thousand years before modern times.The story begins with our hero’s entire hunting group getting wiped out in an ambush. As the sole survivor, Takkar travels to a dangerous land called Oros, where mighty beasts prey on humans. His task is to survive and become the first man to subjugate the nature.The events in Far Cry Primal for PC / Windows are presented through the hero’s eyes. The game features a rich, open world filled with missions, challenges, wild animals that can be hunted, and explorable locations. The authors provided the player with a notable degree of tactical freedom, allowing both frontal attacks and stealth approach to be equally effective and satisfying. The game is further supplemented with RPG elements that include learning new skills and item crafting.Setting the game in prehistoric period significantly affected gameplay. Obviously, there are no firearms in the game, so you have to rely on primal weapons, such as maces, spears, and bows. There are also no vehicles, however, if you want to explore the area faster you can ride on wild animals.Moreover, the survival elements have now become more relevant. The key thing is hunting, as it provides food and valuable resources. You also have to learn how to start a fire, roast meat, and effectively fight with enemies. What makes the game more interesting is the presence of hostile tribes that won't hand over the control over Oros easily.

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    South Park: The Fractured But Whole

    Another installment in an RPG series based on Comedy Central’ cult adult-oriented cartoon TV series. This title is a direct sequel to South Park: The Stick of Truth released in 2014. However, unlike that game, this one was created by Ubisoft’s subsidiary. Again you play as the New Kid, whose family just recently moved to South Park. This time Cartman and his group play the roles of superheroes, making up Coon & Friends. They have to face a new danger, villainous Professor Chaos. In terms of gameplay mechanics, the game is similar to its predecessor, combining classic RPG elements with turn-based combat. The whole thing is spiced up with a square doze of nasty humor invented by the creators of the TV series: Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

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    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    Another installment in the popular series of action adventure games, once again developed by Crystal Dynamics, the studio that brought us the successful reboot of the franchise. In terms of plot, the game continues the story arcs started in the previous part. Again we accompany the young, although tougher and more ruthless, Lara Croft. Unlike in the previous game, this time we visit different parts of the world, exploring larger and more open places. As for the mechanics, the production combines the survival aspects of its predecessor with the exploration of the many tombs and catacombs, which is the hallmark of the series. The gameplay is therefore full of numerous stealth elements as well as purely arcade sequences, and open exchanges of fire. Lara also uses a number of brand new weapons and gadgets. Designed for eighth-generation console, the production features high-quality graphics, which represents an important rise in quality as compared to the previous parts of the series.

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    LawBreakers, the new FPS that's all about skill, not streaks. Which side will you fight for -- LAW or BREAKERS?

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    ImmenseUnleash Your Power - A mystical bond connects you and four teammates to your guardian, a magical behemoth too powerful for a single mortal to defeat. Protect your guardian as your team charges across the battlefield, then see it crush your enemies underfoot.TacticalUnleash Your Creativity - Physics-based abilities let you invent new ways to amaze your friends and frustrate your enemies. The element of surprise is key as you use WASD controls to sprint, dodge, aim, destroy barriers, hurdle obstacles, and leap from danger to safetyFantasticUnleash Your Imagination - The world of Gigantic is a world of mystery, where airships soar over ancient ruins and a fantasy empire is yours for the taking. Charge into battle and lead your guardian to victory. Gigantic rewards the daring, the clever, and the swift.Hero GalleryChoose Your Hero - Choose a heavy-metal juggernaut, a stealthy acrobat, a fire-breathing sorcerer—or something else that matches your play style.Upgrade on the Fly - Pick attack, defense, and just-plain-cool upgrades on the fly, then surprise your enemies with a combo they never saw coming. Guardians - Smart, Responsive, and LethalYour guardian is the biggest ally you'll ever have. With your team's help, the guardian drives back your enemies, destroying and reshaping the battlefield as it goes. But your enemies have a guardian, too...The Ultimate ObjectiveWork together to overpower the enemy guardian, then strike its heart when you have the chance. And beware! Each guardian has its own attacks and tactics--everything from impaling tail spikes to destructive tornadoes.

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