Angela Lansbury May Be Appearing On Next Seasons Game Of Thrones! TV Gods Be Praised!

No word on who she'll be playing, but WHO CARES! IT'S ANGELA LANSBURY!

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    If you didn't think Game Of Thrones could get any better, you were wrong. Why? Because ANGELA LANSBURY may be appearing for TWO EPISODES in the next season of Game Of Thrones!

    Queen of perfection, Angela Lansbury

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    There is no information about the character she might play, but many are speculating that her character will have something to do with another fantastic British actor who'll be appearing...the one and only JIM BROADBENT!

    This next season is going to actually be the pinnacle of television

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    Ms Lansbury will only be on set for four days, to film her part in the two episodes but we're sure that'll be enough to blow us all away! Game Of Thrones, Season 7, is due out sometime in 2017 and will be the penultimate season of the show. What do YOU think about this possible casting? Are you excited to potentially see Angela Lansbury in this role? Who do you think she'll play? Share your speculation and excitement in the comments below, and don't forget to share this with your friends!

    Angela Lansbury on Game Of Thrones got us like...

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