A Trip To NYC Told In Gifs Is Actually Hilarious

Animator James Curran spent a month in the city and these gifs sum up his trip

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    So many of us want to live in the big apple, but few of us know what it's actually like to live there. SlimJim studios has given us perfect "Life in NYC" gifs to help any soul brave enough to attempt "the life".

    A common thing tourists do is to climb the Empire State Building, sit on top of it, and take pictures of the helicopters that circle you!

  2. 2

    Another part of NYC life; stealing giant nuts and then escaping the horde of giant squirrels! Run fast, little man!

  3. 3

    Everyone knows NYC is famous for the shopping! But did you know you have to shop as a part of an army of bearded, identical men, wearing color coordinated sweaters and bags! It's NYC law.

  4. 4

    Even exercise is different in the big apple, you must eat your burgers whilst you work out! How else would you get enough protein?

  5. 5

    And finally, every tourist is required to strip and dance for money at some point during their stay. It's mandatory, so best to get it done early.

  6. 6

    To see more NYC themed gifs you can go here:http://www.slimjimstudios.com/

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