A Tiger Just Killed A Woman In A Drive-Through Animal Park

The woman exited her car to save her daughter from a Tiger Attack

  1. 1

    A Chinese Woman has died after being attacked by a tiger in a drive-through animal park. Surveillance video captured the moment it happened, as the woman went to re-enter her vehicle

    The tiger, preparing to attack

  2. 2

    The family had been driving through Badaling Wildlife World, when a younger member of the family exited the car after a fight with her husband. An older woman, her mother, chased after her, which is when the Tiger attacked

    One of the Tigers at the Wildlife Park

  3. 3

    The younger woman made it back to the car, but the Mother was caught by the Tiger. The husband tried to fend off the Tiger, but it was too late, and he sustained many injuries

    The Wildlife Park in 2010

  4. 4

    The 6,000 acre wildlife park opened in 2010, and allows visitors to take their own tour. It also gives them strict instructions to remain inside their vehicles at all times.

    A family enjoying their tour from the safety of their vehicle.

  5. 5

    The family were eventually rescued by Badaling staff, but nothing could be done for the Mother. The Husband and Wife are having their injuries treated at a nearby hospital. Our condolences are with the family, and we hope that the couple heal quickly.

    The mother, running after her daughter during the attack

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