A Simple Act Of Kindness Earned This Server A $500 Tip!

Sometimes it pays to pay it forward...literally!

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    Kasey Simmons was at a grocery store, when he noticed an older woman in the store looking pretty down. He went over and chatted with her for a while, walking her to the check out line. He even paid for her groceries. But she looked happier afterwards, so Kasey was happy to do it. "It was only $17, but it's about showing someone you care", he said.

    Kasey Simmons, a true gentleman

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    The next day Kasey was at work at Applebees in Dallas, when a very special customer walked in. It was the daughter of the woman who's groceries he had bought the very next day. She left him a five HUNDRED dollar tip on a 37 cent bill. She wanted to show him how grateful she was for what he had done the day before

    That's a pretty epic tip!

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    She even left him a note; "My mother did not need you to help her, but you made her year!" Well done Kasey! And well done daughter! Faith in humanity has been thoroughly restored!

    2016 might not be so bad...

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