A Journey Through The Spice Girls' Greatest Hits

From Say You'll Be There to Goodbye, here is a look at the songs that defined one of the biggest groups in history.

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    This is where it all began – before we knew about 'Girl Power' or the girls had conquered the world. The video still holds up as one of the most memorable in history, and it has aged pretty well (though that may just be down to the current trend for 90s fashion). The song spent 7 weeks at the top of the chart – selling over one million copies in the UK alone.

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    Say You'll Be There

    After the massive success of 'Wannabe', the girl's released 'Say You'll Be There', a mid-tempo dance song about relationship struggles. The music video for the song picked up the gong for Best Video at the 1997 BRIT Awards.

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    2 Become 1

    2 Become 1 was another massive success for the group, it hit the top of the charts in December 1996 – snagging the coveted Christmas Number One slot. Shot using green screen technology, the video features the girls dressed in winter coats placed in various New York City locations. Victoria Beckham has named the video her favourite that she has done, and its influence can be seen to this day. Little Mix's 2015 video for 'Secret Love Song' is reminiscent of '2 Become 1'.

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    Who Do You Think You Are

    Spice Girls opened the 1997 BRIT Awards with a performance of 'Who Do You Think You Are', during which Geri donned the now-iconic Union Jack dress. The song became the official single of Comic Relief 1997, for which the girls filmed an alternative video featuring appearances from Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, and Lulu as the Sugar Lumps.

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    Spice Up Your Life

    The lead single from the group's second album Spiceworld, 'Spice Up Your Life' again hit the top of the chart in the UK. The release of the song was delayed due to the popularity of Elton John's Princess Diana tribute 'Candle in the Wind'. The video shows the girls in a spaceship in control of the world below.

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    How could anyone forget this dance routine? Ask anyone who grew up in the 90s and they'll be able to perform it from muscle memory. Despite being one of their catchiest hits, 'Stop' was the first song from the band to not hit Number One.

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    Viva Forever

    The original release of 'Viva Forever' coincided with Geri Halliwell's departure from the group. This led to the group creating an animated music video, as Geri's vocals still appeared on the track. Viva Forever later served as the title of the ill-fated musical based on the group, which was given terrible reviews and closed its run after only seven months.

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    The first song featuring the group as a four-piece, 'Goodbye' is a ballad that speaks to the experience of losing a friend – something the girls could relate to. After the release of this song, the girls took a break to work on their third album.

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    The first single from the group's third album Forever, 'Holler' was both praised and criticised for being distinctly different from the sound of their earlier work. Many compared it to the work of Destiny's Child. The video featured the four girls representing different elements: fire, earth, water, and air. 'Holler' hit the top of the chart, becoming the group's ninth top-selling single.

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    Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)

    This was the girls' comeback single when they reunited in 2007 for their Greatest Hits album and tour. The single hit number 11 in the chart, becoming the group's lowest charting song to date, and was negatively reviewed by fans and critics alike.

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