9 Ways You've Likely Never Used Bacon

Oooo Bacon I love your way, every day! Here are 9 interesting ways to celebrate your love for bacon, and hopefully everyone will find a few they have never seen before.

  1. 1

    Bacon Weave Tacos

    This really needs no introduction: it's a taco shell made out of woven bacon that you fill with taco-meat and stuffings as you see fit. These shells are even delicious when eaten all on their own!Recipe: https://goo.gl/IxXq4m

  2. 2

    Chocolate Dipped Bacon Candy w/ Sea Salt

    With this recipe you turn bacon into a candy bar! You will instantly wonder why you never thought of doing this before with your very first bite. The bacon lovers at your table will go crazy for this stuff!Recipe: https://goo.gl/MN3Pml

  3. 3

    Chocolate Chunk Brownies w/ Maple & Bacon

    The maple flavor in the chocolate chunk brownies really kicks it up a notch. Add bacon and you have sweet, moist brownies with a wonderful savory twist that will send your taste-buds into a frenzy!Recipe: https://goo.gl/lMw16y

  4. 4

    Bacon & Ranch Monkey Bread

    Bacon and ranch go together like peanut butter and jelly, so it is no surprise that it works really well in this recipe for monkey bread. This pull-apart treat is a great snack on its own, or makes a nice addition for a meal!Recipe: https://goo.gl/iwsQz9

  5. 5

    Bacon Jam

    Yes, you heard me: Bacon Jam! Regardless of how it sounds you simply must try this stuff. Your toast will thank you, and so will your taste-buds! Just think "spreadable bacon"...Recipe: https://goo.gl/OYvbSZ

  6. 6

    Peanut Butter Bacon Banana Bites

    The combination of bacon, bananas and peanut butter seems like it was destined to be! These are super easy to make and make an amazing snack; I also enjoy having them at breakfast with my coffee.Recipe: https://goo.gl/zbr5wk

  7. 7

    Bacon Pancakes

    I always enjoyed having bacon with my pancakes, but it had never occurred to me to just bake the bacon right into them! It seems so obvious, and is exactly as tasty as you likely believe it should be.Recipe: https://goo.gl/yExquA

  8. 8

    Spinach Salad w/ Hot Bacon Dressing

    I love spinach salad and it is ever better with bacon, and it's better yet if you have bacon dressing to drizzle all over it! This was my first excursion into the realm of "hot dressings" but it was an eye opener. I look forwarding to having this many times in the future!Recipe: https://goo.gl/5uJU1i

  9. 9

    Maple Bacon Hot Chocolate

    It may not sound like it, but this is a terrific way to raise your winter mood. Warm rich chocolate enhanced by the savory flavor of bacon, and kissed with a hint of maple that drives the taste-buds mad!Recipe: https://goo.gl/YwDLec

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