9 TV And Film Characters Who Were Based On Real Life And Events

Some of these may surprise you or maybe not...

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    Ursula from the Little Mermaid

    Ursula from the Little Mermaid (1989) was based on the Drag queen Divine, who had a spunky personality and appeal which played a part in modeling Ursula's personality.

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    Severus Snape

    More like a man named John Nettleship who was a school teacher to author JK Rowling creator of the Harry Potter Chronicles. Rowling said Nettleship had a way of picking on unruly students and sometimes for no reason at all. So you can find the connection there!

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    Would you believe me if I told you there was a real life Shrek well there was a man named Maurice Tillet who was a pro wrestler in the 40's . Maurice suffered from a condition known as Acromegaly.

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    This dark character is based on the serial killer Ed Gein, who would use victims flesh and other body parts for furniture or clothing, and used to model dead women after his mother. This is where the actor Norman Bates gets his sadistic twist from.

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    Popeye the Sailor

    Real name was Frank Rocky Fiegel and he had no problem kicking some butt when deserved, he was known as a real tough guy and looked identical to his character.

  6. 6

    Nacho Libre

    The character Nacho Libre was based on a mask wrestler named Fray Tormenta and the character could not have been more identical to the real person, after Fray would win he would take the money and buy food and things for Orphans.

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    The man behind the characters real name is Kenny Kramer and actually puts on reality tours of his life as the character on Seinfeld character he even likes Golf and Cigars like Kramer.

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    50 First Dates Real!

    In the movie 50 First Dates main character Lucy suffered from Anterograde Amnesia and in real life so did Michelle Philpots who looks at her Wedding album every single morning and puts sticky notes around her home to remind her of things as she forgets suddenly due to her condition. Her brain sets back to 1994 when this all began.

  9. 9

    Betty Boop

    Urm Helen Kane was her real name and she started the whole cute, I'm sexy baby catchline and look she tried suing Max Fleishner but lost in the end.

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