8 YouTube Pranks That Are Actually Just Crimes

They're literally just crimes

  1. 1

    This art heist 'prank' that sent a YouTuber to prison

    Take it away BBC News: 'Danh Van Le, known as Digi Dan, was given 12 weeks for threatening behaviour during this art gallery 'prank'. This was on top of ANOTHER 24 week sentence he received for a separate bomb hoax 'prank'. This dude doesn't know what pranks are. I mean WTF dude.

  2. 2

    All of these terrorism 'pranks'

    Australian YouTubers the Jalal brothers are constantly in trouble with the police - most likely due to their bizarre insistence on filming themselves pretending to carry out terrorist acts like drive-by shootings and throwing a fake bombs into the window of strangers' cars. In a world with such a heightened threat of terrorist attacks it's actually amazing they haven't yet been mistakenly shot by counter-terrorism police. This is all so stupid and not a prank, do not live this way.

  3. 3

    Quick reminder that kidnapping is still kidnapping even if you yell 'it was a prank!' afterwards

    One of the most bizarre traits of YouTube 'pranksters' is their apparently belief that calling something a 'prank' makes it totally legal and cool. Case and point: this utterly nuts video in which 'Moe & ET' try to teach the lesson that you shouldn't trust strangers on Craigslist by meeting a real woman from Craigslist and ... pretending to kidnap her. They are showing that a thing is bad by ... you know .. directly doing that thing. It's like how hitting someone in the leg with a shovel is totally allowed if you did it to teach them a lesson about protecting their legs from shovel attacks.

  4. 4

    Trying to steal someone's car and then being SHOCKED that they get mad

    This is so unbelievably stupid that all we want to do is put this prankster into a giant slingshot and fire him into the goddamn sun - but don't worry, it's not murder because it's only a prank! Actually, speaking of murder...

  5. 5

    Whatever the hell this was

    - Kidnapped your friend? Check.- Tied him up? Check.- Pretended to also kidnap his best friend? Check- Terrorised the victim with a fake gun? Check- Pretended to MURDER THE VICTIM'S BEST FRIEND IN FRONT OF HIS EYES? Check.- Is this a prank? FECKIN' NO.

  6. 6

    Giving wedgies to strangers is a good thing to not do

    YouTuber Charles Ross got arrested for doing it in fact - because of course he did.

  7. 7

    Harrassing strangers while simulatenously being just plain ol' racist

    Look, this is harder to quantify as a crime than more clear-cut crimes like theft, but please can YouTuber pranksters stop being so f'ing racist?! Why must every violence-based prank take place in 'the hood' (translation: apparently any place where there are black people)? Why must these pranks always involve harassing and agitating the aforementioned black people until they lash out? Why is it your goal to make videos of black people being violent? Why do you spend your free time trying to get strangers to beat the crap out of you? So many questions, so few answers. All we know is this: harassing people IS a crime, so cut it out you weirdo.

  8. 8

    'Stealing Peoples Gas Prank!!'

    You literally put 'stealing' in the title of the video. I mean come on.

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