8 Ways To Shoot Summer With Your Smartphone

Summer's finally arrived! Capture the season's fun forever with these genius photo ideas for summer.

  1. 1

    Go Monochrome

    Summer is colorful, so here's a photo challenge: go monochrome - without losing that summer vibe.

  2. 2


    Summer's got a whole slew of signature food; from fresh fruit, to ballpark hotdogs to ice cream. Illustrate your summer with creative culinary: try melting ice cream on pastel backgrounds, arranging fruit by patterns or colors, or just capturing that irresistible bite of BBQ.

  3. 3


    Oh, Mr. Sun. He makes us all bright, warm and happy this time of year. While you likely won't succeed in capturing the sun directly (protect your eyes and don't try), expose the carefree sunniness that summer brings in a more creative way, like this image does.

  4. 4

    Shots Like These

    What's a better way to show off your friends, your summer outfits, sandals, and your tan - all in one creative shot?

  5. 5

    Water - From Above

    Summer's all about water. Try an aerial view - a shot from high up above that captures family and friends, or anything else you find floating. Added bonus: the shadows and light will make for cool abstract images.

  6. 6

    Summer Action Shots

    Capture fun summer activities in action. Take a look at these later in the year and they'll take you right back to that campfire by the lake or that beach house BBQ.

  7. 7

    Beach Sunsets & Sunrises

    An obvious suggestion, but it really doesn't get summer-y-er than this.

  8. 8

    Sand Art

    Build castles and sculptures or write messages. Include the date or year, for a great summer album cover photo.

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