8 things we're looking forward to about Autumn

Think Autumn is the best season? Us too!

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    Brisk morning walks

    There's nothing to beat an early morning stroll through the park on a chilly autumn day, breathing in the crisp air under a crystal clear sky and crunching your way through piles of gorgeous gold, red and brown leaves... over and over again. Invigorating.

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    Nights Out

    After the traditional post-summer lull, this is the time of year when things really pick up again as the biggest names in music, comedy and the performing arts return to the stage. Local theatres have kicked off their autumn/winter seasons, too, so there's plenty of options for getting out of the house.

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    Nights In

    Who doesn't enjoy curling up on the couch on a chilly evening with a hot mug of cocoa or a glass of mulled wine? Autumn is also when our favourite TV shows - be it The Apprentice, The Walking Dead, or [insert your own here] - return to our screens, and there are also lots of exciting new series coming up, too.

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    Let's face it, autumn is the most stylish season. It's time to wrap up in scarves, hats, gloves and chunky knitwear and the perfect opportunity to get creative with our wardrobes by layering up. It also offers an excuse - as if some of us need one - to hit the shops for a brand new autumnal wardrobe.

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    Comfort food

    Autumn weather calls for some serious, soul-satisfying comfort food. Everyone has their own go-to favourites - be it a hot, hearty bowl of soup or something altogether stodgier.

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    As the nights draw in, the skies at sunset glow with the most wonderful colours, blooming with pinks, reds and oranges. Of course, an added bonus of the sun setting earlier is that it's easier to get the kids off to sleep.

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    Bonfire Night

    Fireworks, toasted marshmallows and sparklers - what's not to love about Guy Fawkes Night? Remember, remember, the fifth of November, folks.

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