7 Ways To Spice Up Your New Year's Party!

Here are a few ways to liven things up a little this New Year's Eve! Hopefully there is at least one on here for everybody...

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    Champagne Margaritas (& Other Champagne Cocktails)

    Every year you have champagne, but really EVERY year does it have to be the same? I hope not! These Champagne Cocktail ideas will have your guests sipping the high life in flavor and style!Cocktails: https://goo.gl/UtkpDU

  2. 2

    Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms (& Other Appetizer Ideas)

    Pizza stuffed mushrooms... need I say more? Well just in case I do: this includes several other recipe ideas for amazing appetizers to wow your friends this New Year's Eve!Appetizers: https://goo.gl/Z2W41k

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    DIY Paper Cube Light Strings

    These paper cubes will make those standard strand lights really seem fancy. They are great to string through darker areas of your party room, or to drape around the balcony!Instructions: https://goo.gl/sp9if0

  4. 4

    DIY Party Crackers/Poppers!

    These are a lot easier to make than I imagined, and are super fun for the guests to break open. They give just one more explosive moment of fun to your already poppin' New Year's Eve party!Instructions: https://goo.gl/BSwI6I

  5. 5

    DIY Glittering Party Hats

    With these party hats your friends will be partying in full New Year's fashion! Throw in some cheap over-sized plastic sunglasses for added flair. People will likely think you spent a lot of money for these!Instructions: https://goo.gl/Hwj70A

  6. 6

    DIY Photo Background

    Give your guests a place to take memorable party photos with this background. You don't have to use gold or silver either! Use any color you want to match your personal party!Instructions: https://goo.gl/ZOAVZV

  7. 7

    DIY Confetti Ornaments

    I love these! They are possibly my personal favorite on the list. Pro Tip: Hang them in front of your photo mat if you end up doing one. These are great by themselves but even better (in my opinion) if you have a party light going!Instructions: https://goo.gl/HGLb8W

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