7 Questions Journalists Need To Stop Asking YouTubers

Run into a wild YouTuber, or perhaps met one at a meet and greet? Here's 8 questions you'll want to avoid to guarantee a smooth time

  1. 1

    'How Much Money Do You Make?'

    This is really just advice for life in general. It has long been held that asking someone how much money they make is pretty rude, but for some reason an frequent exception seems to be YouTubers, who are coooonstantly badgered about how much of that sweet green they be raking in, homie. The simple solution? Just don't go there! It's as uncomfortable

  2. 2

    What Exactly Do You DO?

    Nothing is more sure to illicit a weary sigh from a YouTuber than this question. When interviewing a 'regular' celebrity, or indeed pretty much anyone, the expectation is that interviewer will do some research beforehand, so that they can ask pertinent questions. With YouTubers, because they're world is so NEW and CRAZY, this responsibility seems to be completely ignored. This means that interviews with YouTubers (especially on TV) tend to seem like the YouTuber is having to explain themselves for doing something wrong.

  3. 3

    'And People Watch These Videos?'

    This is a remarkably rude question that is also remarkably common. The question they mean to say is 'how large is your audience?' - But even that question is rather rude as it betrays a lack of research prior to the interview. There are plenty of ways to enquire about what YouTubers do without seeming snobbish.

  4. 4

    'What Is Vlogging?'

    This is another bizarre yet very common occurrence. Journalists who have done no research about the YouTuber or YouTubers in general will ask the YouTuber to just explain the entire concept of online stardom. This is an incredible waste of interview time and is likely to irritate fans of the YouTuber that will read the interview, as they will just be being given tons of information they already know.

  5. 5

    'What Do You Think About [X YouTube Drama] ?'

    As exciting as YouTube 'drama' may be, it's important to remember that it always involves real people with real issues. You don't know how personally affected a YouTuber may be by something controversial that's happening in the community, so it's best not to raise the topic and put them in a sad, or even angry, mood.

  6. 6

    'Do You Know Any Gossip About [X Famous YouTuber] ?'

    Exactly the same as question 5 - unless you're going to do it with a lot tact, it's best not to try it!

  7. 7

    How Long Do You Think You'll Do This For/ Will This Last?

    This is another question is that isn't MEANT to be rude, yet is by it's very nature - very rude. What the journalist means is that because online fame is a relatively new and untested sphere, what does the YouTuber feel their future plans will be. However, it's almost always phrased in some kind of way that sounds like 'LOL this can't last, right?'

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