7 Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Make In A Hurry!

Have you been so busy that Halloween has completely snuck up on you? No worries! Here are some easy to accomplish, last-minute costume ideas to help you out.

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    Brawny Man (or Couple)

    An easy costume set for couples:The Brawny Man is simply jeans and a red-plaid shirt. For added flair you can grow a beard (or use a fake one), use a brown leather belt, and brown work boots.The Roll of Brawny Paper Towels is even easier! Just get (or print out) a Brawny logo, then wrap yourself in a white fleece blanket (or sheet, or towels, or whatever you may have that looks like it could be paper towels). To keep the blanket secure, just put the logo in the front, and wrap yourself with some plastic-wrap and some tape!

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    Patrick Bateman - American Psycho

    Put on a suit (or a costume suit), wear a clear raincoat with some fake blood on it, and BOOM: you're Patrick Bateman! Extras can include a fake axe, a Huey Lewis and the News CD and/or a business card case. If you want to get really fancy: print out your own cards to fill the case and pass them out!

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    Error Message

    This is one of the simplest last-minute costumes. Just get a plain white T-Shirt and a black marker. Secure the shirt to a table/ironing-board with some tape to make it easy to write on, and then fill out the shirt with a common error message like the one above. For another idea you could write something like: "Error 666: Halloween Costume Not Found. The person responsible for this costume was lazy, or has been possessed. Please ensure your imagination is intact, and that your sense of humor is working properly."

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    M&M (or Skittle)

    This one is good for a solo costume, or can be done with multiple friends. It's easy as wearing a solid "candy-colored" shirt, and using some white tape to make an "M" or "S" on the shirt. You could try finding a stick-on letter from a hobby-shop or perhaps an office-supply store to make it look a little nicer.

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    Nudist On Strike!

    A costume that is literally any clothes you want to wear, even just what you would normally wear. Then take a sheet of paper and write "NUDIST ON STRIKE" on it, and tape that to your chest. You could instead make a cardboard sign that you hold up, or that hangs around your neck on string to make it seem like you put forth more effort.

  6. 6

    Choose Your Tom Cruise!

    Either of these Tom Cruise costumes are super simple. For Risky Business: a white dress-shirt, some briefs/boxers/shorts, and some plain white socks. For Top Gun: get a plain jumpsuit (easily found at an Army/Navy Surplus store), and for added flair see if you can find a Top Gun patch to put on it. To complete both costumes just add a pair of sunglasses!

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    Wednesday or Pugsley Addams

    The Addams Family kids are both pretty easy costumes to throw together at the last minute. Wednesday wears a white dress-shirt underneath a black shirt/blouse, with black socks and black shoes. Pugsley is just a white and black striped shirt, black shorts, black socks, and black shoes. These are really easy throwback costumes!

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