7 Famous Movie And TV Roles That Were Recast

Now that Christian Bale has dropped out of the highly anticipated Michael Mann film, Enzo Ferrari, the role is attracting some big Hollywood stars to play Ferrari's founder. Here's a list of 7 other famous movie and TV roles that were recast that you probably didn't know about!

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    Leonardo DiCaprio as Patrick Bateman

    Before Christian Ball was everybody's favorite Psychopathic New York Yuppie in American Psycho, Leonardo DiCaprio was first attached to play the role of Patrick Bateman. Until problems with the script, protests from feminists groups, and Oliver Stone dropping out as director forced Leo to drop out from the role and Bale stepped in.

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    Scott Glenn as Clay Morrow

    Before there was Ron Perlman as Clay Morrow on the show Sons of Anarchy, the entire pilot episode was actually shot and edited with Scott Glenn as the famous character. But the studio didn't feel they were getting what they wanted. They loved the show so much, they recast Ron Perlman in his place and re-shot the entire pilot.

  3. 3

    Unknown as Eli Sunday

    In the famously gritty movie There Will Be Blood, Paul Dano plays two characters; twin brothers Paul and Eli Sunday. But originally, he was only cast to play Paul. It wasn't until 5 days before they started filming that director Paul Thomas Anderson decided to make the characters twins and have Dano play both of them.

  4. 4

    Nicole Kidman as Mrs. Smith

    Depending on what side you're on, the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith either brought Brad and Angelina together, or broke Brad and Jen apart. But either way, it almost didn't happen. Nicole Kidman was first cast to play the part of Mrs. Smith until she dropped out. Brad was also about to drop out after Kidman left, but decided to stay when Jolie had been cast.

  5. 5

    Jake Gyllenhaal as Spiderman/Peter Parker

    Tobey Maguire was always the first choice to play the famous web slinger Peter Parker, but while filming Seabiscuit he hurt his back bad enough that the studio wasn't sure if he would heal fully by the time he had to shoot Spiderman. So just in case, Jake Gyllenhaal, who was also dating Kirsten Dunst (who plays Mary Jane, Spiderman's love interest) at the time, was cast and ready to play the part. But Maguire fully recovered just in time to get bit by that spider and save New York City.

  6. 6

    Dougray Scott as Wolverine

    Hugh Jackman has played the character of Wolverine in an astounding 7 different movies, and soon to be 8th. But did you know Dougray Scott was originally cast to play the famous mutant in the first X-Men movie in 2000? It wasn't until Scott's schedule got delayed because of Mission Impossible II that director Bryan Singer chose to re-cast Jackman to play the part.

  7. 7

    Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly

    And finally, a list of famous re-castings would not be complete without the most famous re-cast of them all, Marty McFly. The classic movie Back to the Future was already a few weeks into filming when director Robert Zemekis and producer Steven Spielberg decided to give actor Eric Stoltz the boot for lack of charisma on screen and re-shoot everything they had already shot with Michael J Fox as Marty McFly. A role that predominately launched his career.

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