7 Disney Villains We Had Inexplicable Crushes On

We know we shouldn't.... but who doesn't love a bad boy?

  1. 1


    Are we the only one's who found Jafar's groomed goatee and raspy voice vaguely attractive? He may have basically committed high treason by trying to overthrow the Sultan but hey...he's just an ambitious guy!

  2. 2


    Hades may be Lord of The Underworld and all but his dry humour and wit would certainly win us over.

  3. 3


    We're sorry to say it but Gaston has it going on! Okay okay, so he may be a bit arrogant and an overall idiot... but hey look at those biceps!

  4. 4

    Captain Hook

    So the guy may have a hook for a hand, but you can't deny that Peter Pan's arch rival has a mean dress sense. Oh and lets not forget those flowing locks and groomed facial hair.

  5. 5


    So this has to be our weirdest crush of all. Edgar may be the evil butler who kidnapped the Aristocats but let's face it, his catering skills means he must be able to make a mean cup of tea!

  6. 6

    Shan Yu

    Mulan villain Shan Yu is probably one of the most merciless and ruthless villains we've ever seen! But who doesn't love a baldie?

  7. 7


    Nothing makes this crush more inexplicable than the fact Scar is an animated Lion... BUT despite his cunning ways, his dry humour (courtesy of actor Jeremy Irons) has us in stitches.

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