5 Ways You Are Unknowingly Sabotaging First Impressions

Are you pushing away opportunities without even knowing it?

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    #1 Body language & Posture - When meeting someone new your mind goes into overdrive. Thousands of sub-unconscious observations are made within the first few seconds of interacting with someone. Try to refrain from slouching, touching your face too much, or crossing your arms.

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    #2 Tone of voice - You may think that "uptalking" or using a rising inflection at the end of sentences when talking to someone new is a good move. You could not be more wrong! Sorry, a rising inflection can be perceived as a sign of a lack of intelligence. Just think of your realtor and you'll get the picture.

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    #3 Eye Contact - The importance of eye contact has been over-hyped in the last few years. It has been so ingrained into us that a common problem is using it too much. A good rule of thumb is to look away every few seconds. Just relax!

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    #4 Trying to be someone else - If you don't know an answer to something that someone has asked, don't fake it! Being 100% yourself in a professional setting doesn't have to involve wearing a "Proud Doggie Dad" t-shirt or displaying your used gum collection. Just display your weaknesses and be proud of your strengths.

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    #5 Forgetting to follow up - The digital age has created a whole new array of communication methods that we sometimes are afraid to use. A quick "thank you" email or text isn't too much. It's just right! It may even make all the difference.

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