5 Ways To Cultivate More And Better Creative Ideas

As the popular saying goes, “90% perspiration, and 10% inspiration”. We can identify mind exercises to generate a perfect environment for more and better ideas to emerge. It has to do with an internal disposition, but also with the environment.

  1. 1

    Bad ideas are good too

    studies say that the amount of good and bad ideas is almost proportional… you just have to be clever selecting the best one! ;)

  2. 2

    Create an environment

    light, music, comfort. Take a deep breath constantly. Let your body connect with your mind before starting to think

  3. 3

    Conceive creativity as a constant process

    it attacks you whenever and wherever! You can strengthen the links from creativity to feasibility by taking notes. There are several apps that can help

  4. 4

    Include time during your daily work for creative thinking

    our brain, when it comes to be creative, can work as a muscle and you need to exercise it.

  5. 5

    Research, read, watch videos, visit websites

    Try to have a clearer perspective of what has already be done in your field and take the best ideas to improve them

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