5 Beauty-Inspired Images from the @NatGeo Instagram Account

Beauty can be found everywhere, from a scenic mountaintop to a thriving city street to the view outside your door. @NatGeo inspires tens of millions of people each day with images and stories that evoke wanderlust, curiosity, beauty, and marvel. Now it's your turn! Share your own experiences of these themes using #NatGeoInspires on Instagram for a chance to win awesome prizes from National Geographic. Learn more here: http://bit.ly/NGPhotoChal

  1. 1

    This Kenyan woman is of the Samburu people, called “butterflies” for their colorful jewelry.

    Photo by @amivitale

  2. 2

    Walruses off Hooker Island in Franz Josef Land, Russia.

    Photo by @coryrichards

  3. 3

    Spring brings cherry blossoms to New York City.

    Photo by @irablockphoto

  4. 4

    An elegant flamingo preens during a photo shoot.

    Photo by @robertclarkphoto

  5. 5

    A Buddhist lama performs a rite with cymbals and incense in Lo Manthang, Nepal.

    Photo by @coryrichards

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