4 Simple and easy ways to Decorate any porch for Christmas this year

Porch Decorated Check now to get all the other 200 things done before Christmas

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    Decorate a Little Tree for out in the Porch

    Place a small Tree outside on your front Porch and that way all the neighbors can see your decorating skills. Simple Decorations will do I wouldn't recommend putting any bulbs on due to the cold weather possibly shattering them. Like this photo place some Burlap and maybe some pinecone ornaments to finish.

  2. 2

    Festive Flowers like Poinsettias or Roses

    You cannot keep real flowers out all Winter unless you live somewhere really warm, but you can improvise with some fake ones and those are a lot cheaper. Place about 10 or so fake poinsettias or Roses in planters with that green plaster foam and watch your Porch come alive for Christmas!

  3. 3

    Pinecones in Planters or ornaments

    I love this idea putting Pinecones or Plastic Ornaments in Fancy Planters. Better to use Plastic Ornaments because Glass ones will more than likely break and be a pain so just stick to Plastic.

  4. 4

    A Grinch Door Decoration project

    Not sure which site this came from but seems pretty simple take ornaments and seasonal ribbon and incorporate the two together and you can either make the door decoration if you have art skills or more than likely find something cute and festive at Walmart. Love it this is a fun idea and will really show your festive self this year.

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