33 Magical Christmas Presents For The Harry Potter Fans In Your Life

Desperately looking for the ideal gift for your Harry Potter crazed friend? Look no further as we have compiled a lovely list of ideal gift ideas for these fans!

  1. 1

    Just like Harry, you can keep hold of your very own Golden Snitch!

    Pick it up here:http://etsy.me/1IZXeiu

  2. 2

    Make Harry Potter a permanent news story on your wall

    Get your very own here:http://etsy.me/1Q7hLtq

  3. 3

    Spice up your toilet seat and open up the doors to the Ministry of Magic

    Buy here:http://etsy.me/1OX9qFf

  4. 4

    Create your own magic potions with this practical Polyjuice Potion pillow

    Find it here:http://etsy.me/21UPBFK

  5. 5

    Get these Marauders' mugs for your coffee

    Pick up here:http://etsy.me/1NmOMM7

  6. 6

    Decorate your white walls with this colourful Dobby silhouette

    Buy here:http://etsy.me/1Z3igpV

  7. 7

    Light up any living room with this glowing eye

    Pick up yours now:http://etsy.me/1lU26AD

  8. 8

    Spell out your name with these golden letters

    Grab them here:http://etsy.me/1OWbxLr

  9. 9

    Magical and mystical, this candle print would look great on any wall

    Buy one now:http://etsy.me/1QAFEYG

  10. 10

    Use this notebook to keep all your secrets and magic tricks

    Pick up the perfect gift here:http://bit.ly/1Q7moUv

  11. 11

    Keep Harry with you at all times with this golden ring

    Buy now:http://etsy.me/1NSi1G1

  12. 12

    Pick up an inspiring Dumbledore quote clock

    Buy this gift here:http://bit.ly/1SSfhN3

  13. 13

    Wear this super jumper and declare your allegiance to the Harry Potter world

    Get it here:http://etsy.me/1OWcFie

  14. 14

    Grab this white phone case and make sure Harry is always with you

    Buy now:http://bit.ly/1lU3rY7

  15. 15

    Keep all your magic potions tightly locked up with this hip flask

    Get yours here:http://etsy.me/1Nghtg3

  16. 16

    Decorate any wall with these beautiful posters

    Get yours here:http://etsy.me/21V0tDr

  17. 17

    A Home Alone / Hogwarts mashup is a perfect festive gift

    Grab yours here:http://etsy.me/1NSnpcj

  18. 18

    Get these Christmas decorations and you won't find yourself having to steal them from Snape's cupboard

    Get your decorations here:http://etsy.me/1lAYy6y

  19. 19

    Keep Harry with you at all tea breaks with this mug

    Pick up yours here:http://etsy.me/1J04GKp

  20. 20

    You don't need to visit the Prefect's Bathroom to use these luxurious Hogwarts bathing products

    Get yours now:http://etsy.me/1SSijAZ

  21. 21

    This candle will light up those chilly winter evenings

    Get yours here:http://etsy.me/1QAKDZA

  22. 22

    Keep Harry close to you and sleep at Hogwarts every night

    Buy now:http://etsy.me/1M7s9tn

  23. 23

    This trinket box is ideal for keeping all your secret things

    Buy now:http://etsy.me/1M7scVV

  24. 24

    This mug is perfect for the hip hop Hogwarts fan

    Pick it up here:http://etsy.me/1M7sEmY

  25. 25

    Wear your house colours with pride with this wall decal

    Buy here:http://etsy.me/1Y8sNxA

  26. 26

    Bring some magic to the bedroom

    Pick up a pair here:http://etsy.me/1Y8sUJn

  27. 27

    These coasters are the perfect gift for any dinner table

    Get yours here:http://etsy.me/1NmWkOW

  28. 28

    Pick up this simple and modern print to decorate any living room with a touch of style

    Grab it here:http://etsy.me/1NSrBbO

  29. 29

    This pillow is perfect for every muggle to rest on every night

    Buy here:http://etsy.me/1lB2cNR

  30. 30

    This watercolour print will spice up any white wall this Christmas

    Pick up here:http://etsy.me/1NKKYrI

  31. 31

    This spellbinding key holder so you never loose any of your keys!

    Get it now:http://etsy.me/1OWkKmV

  32. 32

    This wall hanging so you never forget Harry and his friends

    Pick me up here:http://etsy.me/1NmYbDr

  33. 33

    This Harry Potter Board game will keep you entertained on Christmas day

    Get it here:http://etsy.me/1Qj6jdZ

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