25 Christmas Fails Caught on Camera

Nobody can have a bad Christmas. It’s the best day of the year when little ones deserve a treat and others get some time to be actually Happy! So what can possibly go wrong? Now look at it from other side, when you tease kids with Christmas gifts, it takes you down the hellhole. Just like the times when over enthusiastic spirits end up on the floor. You get the picture of a bad Christmas!So, brace yourself for 25 hilarious festive treats a.k.a. Christmas Fails that added more charm to the 25th itself.

  1. 1

    With Her Spirits Up Up High, There She Goes Down Down Damn!

  2. 2

    As Everyone Can Clearly See, It Was All Driver’s Fault. Couldn’t She See? Hunh?

  3. 3

    Once Upon A Time, There Was A Naughty Snowman…

  4. 4

    This Year, No Gifts For You Kids. You shouldn’t Have Mocked Him.

  5. 5

    Even Santa Crash-Lands Sometimes!

  6. 6

    Christmas Decorations? Hyperactive Mode On Sire!

  7. 7

    Who Says Chopping Onions Make You Cry? It is Wholly Capable of That!

  8. 8

    That’s Why You Are Scared of Horses Honey. Till Date!

  9. 9

    Gifts From The Stone Age

  10. 10

    If Only Santa Knew How To Wear A Belt. Or Rather, Where!

  11. 11

    When The Pressure of Celebration Breaks…a Lot of Things!

  12. 12

    She Tells You That Her Favourite is Butter, It Doesn’t Mean She Wants a Butter Churner Mother!

  13. 13

    Still Find Them Adorable?

  14. 14

    …and Jill Went Up The Hill, To Climb A Tree With Wheelie.

  15. 15

    Jack Fell Down

  16. 16

    And Broke His Crown,

  17. 17

    And Jill Came Tumbling Speedily!

  18. 18

    Thumbs Up To The Festive Spirits. Owhkhay! No! Cancel That!

  19. 19

    When All You Want to Be is a Gift in Santa’s Bag

  20. 20

    What The Basket!

  21. 21

    Scary Caaat, Scarry Cat, What Are You Looking For?

  22. 22

    The Extreme Burden Of Happiness

  23. 23

    Yes! Finally it’s, Ouch!

  24. 24

    You Set My World On Fire Baby!

  25. 25

    That’s Why They Don’t Get The Right Gift

    Yeah, it doesn't count as a Christmas Fail. But, whats Christmas without mentioning one happy moment?Merry Christmas!

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