24 Animal GIFs That Basically Sum Up Your Whole Life

This is all of us.

  1. 1

    You, basically every morning:

  2. 2

    When your friend sneaks up on you but you just didn't see it coming:

  3. 3

    When someone disturbs your day dreaming with a real life question:

  4. 4

    When you see someone stealing your food:

  5. 5

    When you're all dressed up and ready to go out but all your friends bail:

  6. 6

    What an item you've been watching online for ages goes on sale:

  7. 7

    When you know that you're supposed to be doing stuff, but instead you're just like:

  8. 8

    When you get locked out of your apartment:

  9. 9

    When you try to talk to everyone at a party:

  10. 10

    When people are talking about their great weekends and you’re just like:

  11. 11

    Trying to type in your password so that no one will see:

  12. 12

    Waking up a minute before the alarm goes off:

  13. 13

    Thinking about a snack you saved, but then remembering you already ate it:

  14. 14

    When you're on a diet and trying to enjoy your salad:

  15. 15

    Seeing yourself in the mirror when you’re hungover:

  16. 16

    When restaurants make you pay extra for sauces:

  17. 17

    When someone asks if there’s a food you don’t like:

  18. 18

    Dealing with cheery people first thing in the morning:

  19. 19

    Doing research on that TV show you’re obsessed with:

  20. 20

    When you go clubbing with all your girlfriends:

  21. 21

    When you make a reference and someone actually gets it:

  22. 22

    When you realize you left your phone at the restaurant:

  23. 23

    When you thought that you're all out of money but then you find a 50 in your jeans pocket:

  24. 24

    Thinking about all your responsibilities:

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