22 Dads Who Are Nailing This Whole Fatherhood Thing

In appreciation for all the amazing Dads out there. . .

  1. 1

    This Dad who knows the importance of window seats

  2. 2

    This Dad wearing a skirt in solidarity with his dress-wearing son

  3. 3

    This Dad who takes hilarious photos with his adorable daughter


  4. 4

    This Dad who will dress up as Elsa (and shamelessly ride the public train)

  5. 5

    This Dad teaching his kids proper form

  6. 6

    This hairy Red Riding Hood

  7. 7

    This makeshift swing

  8. 8

    This Dad who really needs a pedicure

  9. 9

    This father and son team who competes in marathons together

  10. 10

    This single Dad who went to beauty school to learn how to do his daughter's hair

  11. 11

    This Dad who transforms his son's lunches into movies

  12. 12

    This soldier seeing his daughter for the first time

  13. 13

    This Dad who simulates walking for his paralyzed daughter

  14. 14

    The Dad who knows how to style his baby girl's hair

  15. 15

    These Dads teaching their son how to cook

  16. 16

    This dancing Dad

  17. 17

    This Dad who doubles as an art easel

  18. 18

    This Dad with mad nail polish skills

  19. 19

    This Dad taking his kids for a stroll

  20. 20

    This Dad who loves to (tea) party

  21. 21

    This Dad giving his son an early lesson on changing tires

  22. 22

    And this Dad getting a beautiful makeover

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