21 Things To Expect From The Next Season Of Game Of Thrones

Fire and Spoilers ahead, GOT fans...

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    Cleganebowl: All is not lost.

    So Season 6 did not exactly leave us with a ton of hope for this popular fan theory; especially after Tommen outlawed trial by combat. But, he's not exactly around anymore is he?With the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor--and everyone in and around it--Cersei has all of the authority to repeal any and all of Tommen's reforms while he was under the influence of the High Sparrow, including trial by combat. But this may in fact be a moot point. What if Clegane Bros. meet on the battlefield, instead of a spiritual battle? Definitely possible, considering the Hound is heading North, perhaps he'll run into Arya, who will bring him South?

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    Dany and Yara Have An Affair

    The tension in that throne room in Mereen was palpable. We can all admit it. They totally liked each other.Who knows how this could play out? Maybe after spending some time on the sea, or one of them saves the other during the battle for Pyke. But if all we get is just one passionate embrace, maybe in the midst of battle, it would be a win-win. Tactically speaking, it's always good to have a naval power in your pocket, right? Win. Win.

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    Arya and Melisandre Will Meet Up

    Remember in the Season 6 finale how Jon sends Melisandre south, away from Winterfell? Well, guess who's south of Winterfell? Arya. At a key choke point no less.That's not the only reason either. Remember last time they met in the Riverland with the Brotherhood Without Banners? Melisandre said in all her cryptic glory that she and Arya would meet again. On top of that, Melisandre clearly thinks Jon is Azor Ahai reborn. So when she meets Arya again, who likely will be taking names off her list; I don't see why Melisandre won't join her in ridding the world of all the enemies of the Starks.

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    Gendry Will Make A Claim

    Last we saw Gendry, he was saved by Davos Seaworth and was rowing his way back to King's Landing. So what exactly could happen?Well, Gendry knows his parentage, as Melisandre blatantly told him on the way to Dragonstone, and subsequently proved to him with all that blood magic. So now that Stannis, Shireen, and Tommen are all dead, according to the line of succession for Robert Baratheon, Gendry's claim is lawfully stronger than Cersei's in her own right as a Lannister. After an act of terror against the people, the nobles, and the faith, it wouldn't be difficult to see the people of King's Landing rally around the King's bastard who grew up in Flea bottom just like them.

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    Sam Learns How To Defeat The White Walkers

    That shot of the Library clearly hinted that among all this knowledge, Sam will find some important secret that will be crucial to defeating the White Walkers, but it might not be what you think.Samwell Tary, a well-respected Lord's son, man of the Knight's Watch, bearing the ancestral blade of his House, is at the Citadel, the center of knowledge in Westeros. According to this knowledge, the White Walkers are a fantasy; a myth, like grumpkins and snarks. But Sam knows they are real, as does Gilly. Sam also already knows that Valyrian Steel or Dragonglass is needed to kill The Others in the first place. Sam will become a catalyst for the Citadel to begin addressing the challenge of the White Walkers in the South. The Citadel is the perfect place to do this, because it is the de facto authority on all knowledge in Westeros in addition to having the communicative capacity to send warnings and letters to the rest of the realm through ravens.

  6. 6

    Sansa Takes Out Littlefinger

    I think we all want to see this on some level. Ever since season one, we hated watching Littlefinger win over and over again. Only tolerating it because the characters we cared about would also be safe in the process.But after setting up Sansa with Ramsay, Littlefinger might not ever be able to sew up that wound. Ultimately, we can all expect Sansa to repay Littlefinger in some way, but only after she secures enough power in her own right. Perhaps she will marry Robert Arryn and take the Vale away from Littlefinger, leaving him with no support. Perhaps Sansa will make Lord Baelish fly.

  7. 7

    More Bran Flashbacks

    We can all definitely be confident that we will learn much about the history of Westeros in the next season. Bran just learned something huge in the finale, so we know he's going to be refining his powers even more so. In fact, there's a theory out there, which claims that Bran will try to talk to Aerys II, the Mad King, and warn him of the White Walkers, telling him to, "burn them all." Would that not be insane to think that Bran causes the madness of the Mad King, which sets up and kickstarts Robert's Rebellion? If not, then we can definitely expect to see Bran interact with the past like he does in the Hold the Door sequence in some capacity.

  8. 8

    Lannister Sibling Reunion

    As Danaerys Targaryen is officially on her way to Westeros with an army, a navy, and dragons, it seems clear that she will wind up in King's Landing soon enough. If Cersei can hold things together in the capital long enough, then we might get to see a Lannister sibling reunion, as Tyrion would try to convince Jaime and Cersei to give up and pledge fealty to Dany. This may, in fact, happen in Dany's presence (plus or minus three dragons) to keep Tyrion from being killed on Cersei's command, albeit Jaime probably wouldn't let that happen.

  9. 9

    Yara Rules The Iron Islands

    When Dany and the Ironborn get to Westeros, it is only expected that Euron will crash and burn in a fiery blaze of glory. With the deal already struck with Yara and Theon, it seems all but written.With the battle all but won, Yara will sit the Seastone Chair as she and Theon plans. Through an alliance with Dany, she will take it, but may have a harder time actually ruling islands themselves. Part of their deal states that the Ironborn must not rape and raid the coast of Westeros anymore. That will be a hard sell, considering that's all they've known for the better part of five millennia. But she can convince them, with wealth and treasure.

  10. 10

    Bran's Folly

    By the end of season six, Bran is at the wall and has that last vision revealing to us Jon Snow's true parentage. But remember how the Night King touched him and so were able to find him in the Weirwood grove? If Bran goes South of the Wall, taking the touch of the Night King with him, he would at the very worst make it possible for the White Walkers to go South of the Wall and start raiding the North. It seems like it's already set up, especially if the White Walkers combine it with other magic that is said to at least weaken the Wall. Perhaps Bran bringing the influence of the Night King down with him will further weaken the Wall, setting us up for a catastrophe.

  11. 11

    King's Landing Will Burn

    The Great Sept of Baelor may just be the beginning of the destruction of King's Landing. There are just so many different ways the city will burn, it's all but set in stone.Cersei definitely seems to be taking the role of the Mad Queen, as she's already taking steps in burning the city to the ground. The ramifications of this are as yet unknown, but with Dany coming with her three dragons, on top of tons of wildfire still stockpiled beneath the entire city of King's Landing, get ready a giant city-sized fire cloud!

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    White Walker Invasion

    It is entirely possible that we will see the White Walkers finally break into the realms of the Seven Kingdoms by the end of next season.In fact, it may even happen in the middle of the season! Perhaps they'll storm the North, and House Stark and their Bannerman will all barely escape, seeking help and safety in the South. The Night King and his army of the undead will shock the South, causing them to finally acknowledge the threat.

  13. 13

    The Wall Will Fall

    The Wall is a massive metaphor for all of Westeros. It both literally and figuratively safeguards the realm. The strength of the Night's Watch themselves represents the state of the Kingdoms. They are barely held together, glued by fear rather than actual unity or common cause. The morals and actions of the lowest class of peoples matches those of the highest class. So as the Seven Kingdoms are ripping themselves apart, the final blow comes when this metaphor is physically destroyed. When this happens, it is do or die; and the realm will have to decide for itself whether it will meet the threat.

  14. 14

    Dany Kills The Crow's Eye

    Last season the Crow's Eye stormed onto our screens throwing Balon Greyjoy off a bridge and into the sea below. This prompted a kingsmoot, with Euron named King of the Iron Islands.But as Theon and Yara escape Euron with most of the Iron Fleet, he's got a lot of ships to replace. Now the exiled Greyjoys have Dany, her dragons, and her army backing them. The stage is set for Euron Crow's Eye to be destroyed in a glorious naval battle that will definitely involve some sweet dragon action!

  15. 15

    Jon Snow Knows

    While all the pieces are already there for us, it's still not outright said, especially in the world itself. The only person who knows for sure who Jon's Mom and Dad are is Bran.There are two ways Bran could let Jon know of his true heritage. The first is that he could physically go back to Winterfell with Meera Reed and tell him in person. Alternatively, if Bran for some reason can't go past The Wall, he could tell Jon in his dreams. Being a greenseer, Bran has or will have the ability send messages to other people in their dreams. However, it is entirely possible that proof could also be hidden in the crypts of Winterfell. Either way, get ready for Jon to know the truth.

  16. 16

    Arya Kills Cersei

    After two seasons in Braavos, Arya is finally back in Westeros, and she's gotten pretty awesome at murder. It seems evident that Arya is going on a rampage to kill off the people on her list.After taking out Walder Frey, she's definitely going to continue to up her body count, that much is certain. But how so? Well it seems very possible that she will go back to King's Landing, perhaps even securing work in the Red Keep in disguise. A great scene could be made as she could strike right as Jaime confronts Cersei about Tommen and the Sept of Baelor. This would also play into the prophecy Cersei gets from Maggy the Frog, as "valanqar" is a High Valyrian word for "little brother," but it is a genderless language...

  17. 17

    Sansa Goes Rogue

    At the end of the season six, we started to see a side of Sansa that we really don't like. One that doesn't spell good news for Jon.With Jon now King in the North and Sansa his sister, taking no glory and not being praised, she might get a little testy. Leaving alone the fact that she blatantly went behind Jon's back, this lack of trust is manifesting into a greater rift between them nonetheless. Littlefinger has molded Sansa to resemble him more than a Stark. Coupled with her time with Ramsay, her sense of morality is starting to drastically steer further into deception and cruelty.

  18. 18

    Stark Reunion

    The hopes are indeed high for a reunion of House Stark. There are many hints that this will happen, even from the novels themselves.The story both in the shows and books starts with all the Starks together in Winterfell and subsequently splitting apart in very different directions. The writing would indeed be poetic if the story could not end without a reunion what remains of the Starks. It adds a cyclical nature to the show that would result only in great storytelling and would actually move the plot further on multiple fronts including Jon finding out his true parentage and Bran causing the invasion of the White Walkers.

  19. 19

    Arya Becomes Lady Stoneheart

    Arya seems to be heading straight toward a fan favorite storyline that the show has thus far left out. Get ready, because Arya Stark might just become the new leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners.With her murderous ambitions, it is entirely possible that Arya will become Lady Stoneheart in the show: a vengeful leader killing anyone with any connection to the Freys, Boltons, or Lannisters. Eventually, she would get to all of the names on her list and fulfill the orders that was given to Beric Dondarrion back in Season One by Ned Stark. Seems silly not to expect this to happen!

  20. 20

    Jaime Is The Valonqar

    This is the stunning twist we all want to see. While all this time, Cersei has been wary of Tyrion, it is her love, Jaime, who will truly be the one to kill her.According to the prophecy of Maggy the Frog, Cersei will be killed by the "Valonqar," which is High Valyrian for "little brother." The obvious choice is Tyrion, and that's clearly to whom Cersei is placing that title. But it is known that Jaime was, in fact, born after Cersei, even if only by a couple of minutes. If Cersei threatens to burn down more of King's Landing, Jaime may be forced to repeat history and kill Cersei in order to save the city of King's Landing.

  21. 21

    Jon and Dany Get Together

    Now that we know Jon is Rhaegar and Lyanna's offspring, as well as being King in the North, we may very well see a marriage between our two favorite characters. But what about the elephant in the room?With Dany on her way to Westeros, she has already made it clear that she will be looking to marriage as a means of forging alliances. Thanks to Lord Varys, she already has the allegiance of Dorne and House Tyrell. If she were able to secure an alliance with the North and the Vale, that would leave a very small amount of land to actually conquer. Except, wait. Isn't Jon technically Dany's nephew? Wouldn't that be weird if they got married? Well, maybe not. It's already been established that marriage does not equal love. Look at Cersei and King Robert. So, Jon and Dany do not actually have to be in love, or do anything intimate in order for this marriage to work politically.Even considering the aspect of progeny, any child they might have would be genetically better off than if she had married Viserys, her brother, as was Valyrian custom. Even so, Dany cannot ever bear children again because of the curse of Mirri Maz Dur in the first season. So genetics becomes a moot point anyway. This marriage is the best hope for unity for the Seven Kingdoms, and victory over the White Walkers.

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