21 Things Everyone Born In 1992 Knows

If being born in the early '90s has taught us anything, it's this.

  1. 1

    Furbies are the creepiest toys ever invented. Seriously.

    They definitely watched you while you were asleep. Waiting. Planning.

  2. 2

    Gameboys can be really boring if no one brings connector cables to the party.

    No battling the other kids with your Pokemon for you today, then.

  3. 3

    Steps are not the best band to emerge in the '90s: B*witched are.

    Say you will, say you won't...

  4. 4

    The most exciting book in the world is the Index catalogue.

    You still remember the feeling of delirious happiness when you flicked to the toy section.

  5. 5

    There's no moment more tense than when the temple door's closing.

    You were absolutely gutted when the kids were trapped inside.

  6. 6

    Paper fortune tellers are 100% accurate. Really.

    If it told you that you were getting a boyfriend this week, you were definitely getting a boyfriend this week.

  7. 7

    People who don't rewind videos when they get to the end are the worst kind of people.

    What kind of monster makes you put the tape in and realise you need to rewind the whole film?

  8. 8

    Nokia 3310s have the best phone battery – and the best games.

    Did anyone actually ever beat snake?

  9. 9

    No noise is more grating than the dial-up noise when you're connecting to the internet.

    The only thing as annoying was probably when your mum says, "Get off the internet, I have to use the phone!"

  10. 10

    The biggest sign of true love is putting your significant other in your MSN name.

    If there's a heart next to it, you might as well be married.

  11. 11

    Pokemon cards are serious business.

    It's borderline insulting to be asked to trade your shiny for a non-shiny.

  12. 12

    Very few things are as devastating as when you have a hundred rings and some monster makes you lose them.

    Maybe on par with when you lose that last Sonic life...

  13. 13

    Owning a slinky is the ultimate way to prove that you're actually a really cool person.

    If you owned more than one as a kid, you were going places in life.

  14. 14

    Anyone who can make anything from Art Attack is an actual genius, because that's way harder than it looks.

    Seriously – that isn't a tutorial programme, it's a show-off programme.

  15. 15

    Taking care of a cyber pet is no joke – those things are needy.

    When you were given one of these, you were too young to handle the responsibility...

  16. 16

    Edible beaded necklaces are a health hazard when in the hands of someone who likes to ping them at people.

    No wonder these end up banned from so many schools...

  17. 17

    No pencil case is complete without a set of gel pens.

    Just a shame they always run out so quickly.

  18. 18

    TY beanies are almost cuter than real animals. And you don't have to clean up after them.

    You got hundreds in the '90s, and still know their names without having to look at the tag.

  19. 19

    However bad they look, bum bags are the handiest style of bag.

    To this day, you wish it was still socially acceptable to wear one.

  20. 20

    Forget Paranormal Activity – no one can create chills like R.L. Stine.

    Nothing inspires nightmares like this guy.

  21. 21

    Finny Booms are the invention of the devil.

    You're sucking your cheeks in just thinking about them....

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