20 Thoughts Every Woman Has When Her Period Is Late

Because we all know how badly we freak out after the first missed day.

  1. 1

    I'm obviously pregnant. There's no way out of this.

  2. 2

    Dear God- If you send me my period now, I'll never have sex again.

  3. 3

    My period must be coming. Because PMS symptoms and pregnancy signs are TOTALLY similar, right?

  4. 4

    It's all mental. I just need to take control of my body, de-stress and the flow will come.

  5. 5

    Why the F*CK are pregnancy tests so expensive?!

  6. 6

    I never realized how broke I was until this very moment. You know, the moment where you think you have another life to care for.

  7. 7

    All of a sudden I'm not sure if I'm Pro-Life or Pro-Choice.

  8. 8

    How long am I supposed to wait for the morning sickness to kick in?

  9. 9

    What about all of my hopes, dreams and aspirations? They've gone right out the window!

  10. 10

    Do I know who the father is? If so, should I wait to freak out about Aunt Flow's delayed arrival?

  11. 11

    Will he try to tell me how to handle the "situation"? I'd really like to avoid that.

  12. 12

    How come I never learn from my mistakes?

  13. 13

    I can't do this. I'm just not ready to be a mother yet.

  14. 14

    Does this mean I have to stop drinking now? A glass of wine is still okay, right?

  15. 15

    Would taking an extra birth control pill help me now?

  16. 16

    What about Plan B? Is it too late to take that?

  17. 17

    I'll just recount each day since my last cycle. I'll recount about 4,500 times to make sure I'm actually late.

  18. 18

    Maybe I'm not pregnant. Maybe there's something else wrong with my vagina?

  19. 19

    Should I go to my gynaecologist or will she think I'm irresponsible and slutty?

  20. 20

    I've never been so ready for menstrual cramps in my entire life.

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