19 Solid Reasons Donald Trump Will Never Become President

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    He Has No Depth

    Donald Trump does not come off as a candidate with a lot of complexity to him. And while some may argue that might be a good thing, it's actually very bad. Here's why:Defaulting to quick, short statements, implies a lack of knowledge of whatever field one is talking about. Even when pressed for more information, he simply slightly elongates the same short phrase and then repeats the phrase. It's a huge nod to the truth of his ignorance. In fact, when pressed further, he will admit his ignorance and say "Nobody should listen to me." He has actually said this. And while it may seem refreshing, what he's admitting ignorance to are incredibly important issues showing a staggering lack of understanding of politics in general.

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    His Campaign is Broke

    You may have heard Donald Trump say that he has no SuperPACs or that he's self-funded. Well, that's partially true...kind of...After becoming the presumptive nominee he's actually started 4 superPACs and is also counting on the GOP's fundraising structure to support his campaign. So, in effect, only part of his campaign is self-funded. And even then, barely, as he's been taking private donations all along, having spent a miraculous amount of money at his own businesses with his campaign funds. This includes a number of million he quite literally stole from a veteran charity he set up. After all of that, he is entering the general election with less than one million dollars, compared to Hillary Clinton, who has forty times that.

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    He Has No Foreign Policy Experience

    If you listened to Donald Trump's interview about Brexit, it should be very clear that he has a disturbing lack of knowledge about the world. If Trump himself thinks he "Should not be listened to" about Brexit, what decision can we trust his knowledge on? The world of foreign policy is dense and difficult to follow, but when a man who wants to be the President of the United States cannot maintain a coherent opinion on a monumental decision such as Brexit, then what happens when he has to deal with the Russians, or the Iranians, or the North Koreans? If he can barely handle newscasters and journalists, how can he handle foreign dimplomats?

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    His Economic Policy Is Catastrophic

    You may have read Trump's economic policy positions and thought, "Wow, I'd pay fewer taxes, that's great!" And that may be true, but what he doesn't tell you is what you'll lose from it in everyday services. To use Trump's own rhetoric, "It's a bad deal. Terrible deal."Taxes are the biggest source of government revenue. This revenue pays for our roads, bridges, and other infrastructure, as well as healthcare, education, the military, and a lot of other things we depend on and consider necessary for American life. The funding for these necessary programs would be cut drastically if the total tax revenue were lowered to such a drastic degree that Trump's plan supports. Not to mention the increase of the nation's debt if his plan were enacted.

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    He Alienates Women

    One of the biggest hurdles to overcome in Trump's campaign represents roughly 50% of the population--women. Can he, or should he, become president with such a dismal approval rating among women?The way women vote can drastically change an election, and Trump is not doing himself any favors. He simply cannot hide the chauvinist tendencies he tends to exhibit, even to his own daughter. When you constantly alienate half of the population you are trying to convince to elect you, it doesn't quite seem like you are going to get elected.

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    He Divides the GOP

    One of the biggest problems with Trump is just how divisive he is. From the beginning he was divisive, but it wasn't until Trump became the presumptive nominee that it started becoming a serious problem.Some GOP loyalists are suddenly flocking to the Democrats in support of Hillary Clinton and even Bernie Sanders. As the Republican Party attempts to mitigate the damage of a Trump nomination and show unity, it only decreases their favorability among the general population.

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    He Defends White Supermacists

    There have been several incidents already where Trump has stood by known white supremacists and members of the KKK. He even declined to condemn the Ku Klux Klan on television.Someone with that backward a point of view, who does seem to see anything wrong with racism and bigotry can't possibly think that they will garner enough support to be the leader of the free world. According to interviews with Donald Trump himself, he doesn't seem to know what the problem is, which in itself is a HUGE problem.

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    He Can't Be Trusted With Nuclear Weapons

    It is more than reasonable to feel a certain degree of anxiety when you think about giving Donald Trump the codes to the US nuclear arsenal. Can we really trust him with one of deadliest pieces of information on the planet?The next time Russia decides to annex part of a neighboring country, it is not entirely out of the question to expect Trump to lay down the gauntlet. With such a wild and impulsive man, what would happen if he simply decided that a nuclear strike was the best course of action? That would be a scary day indeed.

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    The Primary is Not The General Election

    In the primary election season, it is actually quite easy for fringe candidates to do very well. The reason for that is because people with extreme political beliefs are also more likely to participate more, especially at the lower local and state levels.The other side of this coin is the elephant in the room. Most of us don't care all that much about local politics. In fact, most of us only vote every four years for the presidential election, and that's a problem! The primaries exist so that we can peruse our political options, but so much of our politics happens in between presidential elections. At the end of the day, Donald Trump's values just don't match up with the average American citizen, which is why he will not do well in the General Election.

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    He's Actually A Terrible Businessman

    If you take a moment to look up just how many businesses Trump has started which have failed, it's a wonder how he can market himself how he does. All in all, four of his companies have filed for bankruptcy. Trump has at least ten failed businesses including Trump Vodka, Trump Airlines, and Trump Casinos. While learning from one's failures is admirable, it isn't clear that he's actually learning from them. What is clear is that he doesn't understand economics and merely throws money at ideas and stamps his name in front of them.

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    Trump Is Impulsive

    If you watch just a couple different speeches or interviews of Donald Trump, it becomes clear that he is an incredibly impulsive person. Is this really the kind of person we want at the top of the executive branch of government?The President of the United States needs to be a thoughtful and calm commander in all respects. The fact that Donald Trump continuously shows such impulsive spontaneity actually brings his character to much darker leaders of the 20th century. The kind of bravissimo that Trump is able to conjure is more reminiscent of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, than any US President in history.

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    The World Is Begging Us Not To Elect Him

    Ever since the campaign began last year, there have been numerous reports, articles, and interviews from foreign countries who are literally begging us not to elect Donald Trump as President. Maybe we should listen to them.As one of the world's preeminent powers, there are scores of nations that look to us for an example in world politics. What kind of example do we set when we elect someone so incompetent and ignorant of domestic and foreign affairs? The rise of the rhetoric which allowed candidates like Trump to exist have already shaped the governments of nations like The Phillippines. Can the world really survive that type of executive in the White House?

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    He's Actually Might Be Racist

    This might be one of the scariest realities about Donald Trump. He legitimately doesn't seem to have a problem with the institutional prejudice that is so prevalent in our nation, in fact, he seems nostalgic about the way things used to be. Can we elect a leader whose morals seem like they belong in the 19th century?How can we believe that this man can lead one of the most powerful nations in the world when he does not view different kinds of people equally? Whether he judges someone based on their nationality, culture, economic status, or skin color; this kind of person must not be seen as the leader of the United States. Our history is already riddled with leaders of his ilk and the actions that proceed from them. If we want to at least retain the image of a free nation to the world, we have to think thrice times about electing a man who doesn't seem to understand that Black Lives Matter.

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    He Encourages Violence

    At this point, we have all seen the speeches where Donald Trump would announce at his rallies, "Hey, somebody knock that guy out," or some variation of that. Trump has even promised to pay the legal fees of the assailant. WHAT?What world do we live in where the presumptive nominee of the Republican party, candidate for the President of the United States, incite crowds at his rallies to violence. As a nation and world power, we have a moral obligation to lead by example. How can we do that when our president actively threatens violence to those who do not agree with him? He has clear authoritarian tendencies which do not bold well for a democracy on the edge of decline.

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    His Policy Positions Are Wildly In Flux

    If you've been paying attention to Donald Trump since before this campaign even started, you have seen for yourself just how much he flip-flops on issues. While a certain amount of flexibility is good, this constant back and forth makes it impossible to know his actual positions.In a general election, many votes are decided based on where candidates stand on certain issues. How can a voter base possibly trust what his positions are when he will literally say anything? No matter what, he'll eventually alienate some part of his voter base by trying to appeal to another demographic. This quality alone makes a Trump success in the general election very unlikely.

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    In Reality, He Barely Believes In Free Speech

    The biggest clue to how Trump actually views the first amendment becomes all too clear when you watch his rallies. He literally silences protestors and ejects them from the rallies in part by inciting his supporters to "get them." When you're on reality TV, you can say anything you want, especially when you're the boss. But in real life, your speech can have consequences. What Trump does to people who don't agree with him is a scary inside look at how he might run the country. The first amendment has been abridged before in times of war; considering the trigger-happy rhetoric Trump exudes, can we really trust him to not claim authoritarian for himself?

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    He Has Already Threatened Martial Law

    In multiple rallies and speeches, Trump has declared that he would give the military unlawful orders that would harm innocent people. When a leader uses the military to impose his word as law, that is by definition martial law. When a presidential candidate openly states that he will in effect use martial law whenever he deems it necessary, that is shocking. Especially with zero provocation, except ideological and policy disagreements. It's clear that Trump would rather dominate than negotiate, and while that may work in the business world of the last few decades, that is not at all going to be effective when dealing with foreign leaders. It starts wars.

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    Trump: The Modern Know-Nothing

    If you have never heard Donald Trump speak in specific terms about specific policies that he wants to enact, that's because he simply hasn't. As the election season continues on, it's becoming more and more clear that Trump has absolutely no idea what he's talking about.Most, if not all, of Trump's positions, have been considered outlandish and impossible by most political pundits. In fact, it is entirely possible that these pundits have put more actual leg work into these policies than the Trump campaign has. When asked for specifics, he dodges the question in one of the many ways he's learned how to. Sometimes we have to ask: "Does he even want to be President?"

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    He Doesn't Seem To Know How Government Works

    The biggest reason why Trump cannot be the President of the United States is that he is clearly unfamiliar with how the government itself operates. It is very clear that Trump intends to "rule" the United States like a corporation, which is impossible. A corporation acts like a big vacuum for resource and value extraction for the CEO. That might have work in the days of absolute monarchy; however, in the modern world, western democratic governments serve their people, not rule them. This is exemplified by our use of social programs like public schools, firefighters, and police. A Trump presidency would be a politically backward and antiquated leader.

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