18 Times Jess From 'New Girl' Understood Us on a Spiritual Level

Who's that girl?

  1. 1

    When she got our love for music (and hearing our own voices)

  2. 2

    When she was living her best life

  3. 3

    When she was adorable and fierce at the same time

  4. 4

    When she was all about the real talk

  5. 5

    When she broke it down

  6. 6

    When she was there to drop truth bombs

  7. 7

    When she finally accepted her fate

  8. 8

    When she was super chill about potentially being murdered

  9. 9

    When she knew what alone time meant

  10. 10

    When she was straight up with her BFF

  11. 11

    When she tried to use the cool kids lingo

  12. 12

    When she channeled her emotions through violence

  13. 13

    When she knew how to freak out... but quietly

  14. 14

    When she called out everyone who doesn't like sweets

  15. 15

    When she was great at hiding her emotions

  16. 16

    When she knew that the future was female

  17. 17

    When she had the most specific threats

  18. 18

    When she couldn't even handle a puppy in a cup, because WHO COULD?!

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