17 Things Non-Vegans Just Don't Get

Oh you're vegan? I had no idea.

  1. 1

    The vegan certification on water

    You'd be mistaken in thinking water is made from animal products

  2. 2

    Vegan organic genderless gingerbread figures

    Are they fun-less too?

  3. 3

    Vegan graffiti

    Nothing says veganism quite like vandalism

  4. 4

    Vegan fashion items

    We have vegans to thank for making this acceptable

  5. 5

    Tasty looking vegan burgers

    What is more appetising than a fat, juicy piece of lettuce and tomato

  6. 6

    Spreading the message at every possible opportunity...

    There are bumper stickers for this?

  7. 7

    ...sometimes when it is less than appropriate

    There's a time and a place

  8. 8

    Vegan contraception

    Clearly procreation isn't on the agenda yet

  9. 9

    Vegan totes

    There is no escaping the preaching

  10. 10

    Vegan beef jerky

    Is it jerky if there is no jerky in it?

  11. 11

    Vegan birthdays

    Enjoy your tasty birthday banana

  12. 12


    Who is responsible for this?

  13. 13

    The need to talk about it, all the time.

    Do you guys ever take a day off?

  14. 14

    Vegan slaughterhouses

    They're pretty gory

  15. 15

    Vegan snacks

    And you wonder why we are confused!

  16. 16

    And sure, it's true that vegans do live longer

  17. 17

    But there are still so many questions we have for you!

    Hear hear

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