17 Signs You're A Football Manager Addict

It's here, it's here! The Football Manager 2016 beta's been out for a couple of weeks now, and the real thing hits (digital) shelves on Friday. Since there's obviously nothing wrong with a bit of self-diagnosis...are you an FM addict? 12 or more on this list means you might have a serious Football Manager problem.

  1. 1

    You've heard of every player at the World Cup...because you've scouted them for years

  2. 2

    You can't wait to use the new 'create a club' feature in FM16

  3. 3

    You just can't bring yourself to end a session on a defeat...

  4. 4

    ...But you can't stop midway through a winning run either!

  5. 5

    You secretly wish you could go back to the good old days of CM01/02

  6. 6

    ...And immediately lost a month of your life when you realised it was available, fully patched, FOR FREE

    It's here. You're welcome. http://www.champman0102.co.uk/

  7. 7

    You can't realise why you hate a player in real life...until you remember that penalty he missed for you

  8. 8

    Feuds with virtual versions of managers can spill over into real life, too

  9. 9

    You've spent more hours in a season playing FM than you've watched actual football

  10. 10

    You've done your own post-match interviews in the bathroom mirror

  11. 11

    You own an Ivica Strok testimonial programme

  12. 12

    You know who Ivica Strok is(n't)

  13. 13

    Your housemates can tell exactly how your game's going

  14. 14

    You try your very best to reload your last same after you get thrashed

  15. 15

    You've thrown on a suit when your team made a cup final

  16. 16

    New Football Manager time? More like new laptop time

  17. 17

    And of course...you've already prepared your 'sick day' excuse for release day

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