17 Perfectly Priceless Moments from Archer

Are we not doing phrasing anymore?

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    Paging Dr. Boy...

    On Archer's birthday, he comes into the ISIS headquarters saying: "Paging Dr. Boy, Dr. Birthday Boy." And then goes along and destroys the surveillance tape. This is amazing because it truly showcases just how much of a geek Archer truly is on the inside. Not only that, but he's so obsessed with himself that he actually thought that would be funny. Only to realize just how truly dorky he is when no one is there to see it. We love this moment because it's a rare insight into Archer's true character, something we don't get too see all that often.

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    Anthony Bourdain's Cameo

    Perhaps one of the best celebrity cameos in Archer, this episode reminded audiences what a red herring is, as well as gave a celebrity chef an incredible plot.ISIS is hired to operate undercover at "16" the restaurant of the "Bastard Chef." Turns out, Bourdain's character was hired by Katya and Barry to assassinate the Albanian delegation. This was a great twist in the episode after tons of hilarious quips between Bourdain and the rest of the Archer cast.

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    Cheryl's A Tunt

    Not too far into the show, we learn that Cheryl Tunt is part of the legendary Tunt family, who own multiple railroads and was one of the great families of Industry at the turn of the century.We always see Cheryl getting excited over strange and random things, which makes her complete dismissal of her multi-billion dollar heritage all that more hilarious, especially considering Mallory's hilarious behavioral reversal after treating Cheryl so terribly (as she does to everyone).

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    Train-Riding Canadian Terrorists

    Throughout this entire episode, Archer is consistently undermining the separatists of Nova Scotia. And of course, nothing is better than seeing Mallory treated like a normal person.Perhaps the climax of hilarity in this episode is when Archer and the main Nova Scotian terrorist are fighting on top of the train itself. After looking forward to fighting on top of a train like in the movies, their realization of the realities of being top of a train is purely priceless.

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    When Cyril Wasn't Awful

    During the episode where ISIS goes to South America to catch Calzado, a major operative in a cartel, Cyril joins Archer and Lana in his first field mission. After getting separated from Archer and Lana, Cyril does surprisingly well, passing himself off as El Contador, the accountant of the cartel. Coming from season after season of seeing Cyril fail horrible time and time again, this was a welcome change...until he got full of himself and screwed it all up...again.

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    Every Lord of the Rings Reference

    Throughout every season of Archer we are treated to Tolkien references. These references are slipped in when we least expect them and serve to make those moments memorable. Perhaps the best moment is when the ISIS team are on the International Space Station. It turns out the captain is trying to start a colony on Mars for the human race to start over on. As the team tries to break through the airlock doors, they make the quip, "what are these doors made of mithril?" Mithril is a silver-like precious metal in Middle-Earth found and shaped by the Dwarves of Middle-Earth. It is such a heavy reference that only huge fans of Lord of the Rings would catch it, which makes it that much better!

  7. 7

    The Elevator Fiasco

    One of the best episodes of the more recent seasons is when Mallory holds an early meeting for an ISIS team-building exercise.The hilarity ensues when the entire team gets stuffed into the elevator and it breaks down. It's a brilliant piece of animation, as the entire episode essentially takes place only in the elevator. As the hilarious hijinks unfolds in the elevator, they must rely on Mallory and the new ISIS toast machine to get them out!

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    How Much Archer Loves Babou

    Every time Archer is faced with Cheryl's life outside of ISIS, he becomes obsessed with her pet ocelot Babou. Some of the best episodes in the entire series feature Archer vying for the ocelot's attention.Whether it be the train-riding, or defending the Tunt mansion from the Yakuza, Archer's giddy obsession with Babou is just priceless; considering just how much danger they are in each time, the smile on his face can be literally heard in his voice!

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    Hilarious CIA Communication Errors

    Perhaps some of the best moments in the later Archer seasons is when the CIA and ISIS have complete lapses in communication, leading to some hilarious consequences.One of the best is when the CIA tries to steal Lana's father's research. This occurs as Archer and Lana are visiting, instigating a car chase. In the midst of all of this, the truth of Lana's career is revealed to her parents, as she tries to navigate between getting the research back, answering for Archer to her parents and finding out Slater is the one who stole the research in the first place.

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    Cyril Doesn't Get Camouflage

    Remember that episode when former ISIS agent and Archer's best friend, Lucas Troy, steals uranium and Lana and Cyril have to go find Archer after he runs away to find the truth of it?As Cyril and Lana go after him, they are forced to engage Lucas Troy in a firefight in the Vermont wilderness. While Lana dresses appropriately camouflaged for the winter, Cyril dresses like he's going hunting: All in orange...to a firefight. Throughout the entire ordeal, he is filling out an employee survey about Lana as she criticizes his poor decision.

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    Cyborg Fight-Banging

    Another classic moment is when Cyborg Katya defends Archer from Cyborg Barry, after their second attempted wedding.As the two cyborgs fight in a hilarious homage to the Six Million Dollar Man, it becomes "more like dancing," and after awhile, the two cyborgs realize that they should be together, because they are the same. While this crushes Archer, the image of seeing the cyborg sex from Archer's night-vision perspective is just perfectly priceless!

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    El Presidente, Cyril Figgis

    When the ISIS team is in South American trying to secure an arms deal for the CIA, the rebels of the small country of San Marcos stage a successful rebellion. Throughout the chaos, Cyril finds a tank and stages a coup d'état and takes over the Republic of San Marcos as a dictator. While he actually proves to be a successful leader and general, it doesn't keep Mallory from criticizing him at every turn, as he routes the rebel forces and secures his regime. For all of us who are rooting for Cyril for four whole seasons, this was a coup we could all get on board with.

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    The Krieger Question

    From season to season, we get little snippets of Dr. Krieger's possible origins. Whether it comes from Mallory, or strange doppelgängers in San Marcos, any tidbits we get are always both hilarious, and cringe-worthy.We just don't get a ton of information about Krieger. Supposedly he's a possible clone of Adolf Hitler who was acquired by Mallory after some strange mission in South America. Krieger and his doppelgängers seem to talk about "blood in snow," but that's really all we get. Needless to say, each time we get closer to Krieger's origins is always a noteworthy moment.

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    Archer's Best Sex Ever

    After seasons upon seasons of seeing Pam trying to get everyone to have sex with her, when she finally gets to plow Archer, his mind gets blown wide open.The episode begins with Archer waking up trying to find the source of his amazing sex. It's not until Pam comes out of the bathroom does the reality of his situation make itself clear. From then on, he feels so incredibly confused around her; it just makes for a brilliant moment, after moment, after moment. Considering just how uninterested he was beforehand, the sheer hilarity of the contrast makes this one of the best moments of the show.

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    The "phrasing" joke has been running since the inception of the entire show. And it never gets old. The writing of the show is just so brilliant, that every "phrasing boom" somehow still comes off as fresh and funny. Even when the writers themselves got tired of the running joke in season 5, the absence of it made for hilarious "Are we done with phrasing?" jokes. It's perhaps one of the show's calling cards to the point where it just wouldn't be the same without it!

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    Burt Reynolds

    Yes. Burt Reynolds. The ultimate celebrity cameo of all time. When Burt Reynolds came on the show, it was the best moment ever.For seasons, Archer has been talking about Burt Reynolds and how much he loves him. When he finally gets to see him in person at a bar, he loses it and goes all fanboy crazy. When Mallory walks in and makes it clear they are going on a date, Archer's reactions are just priceless. That entire episode has just way too many incredible moments to list, but, they all have something in common: Burt–freaking–Reynolds.

  17. 17

    Archer's Special Friend

    Perhaps one of the most hilarious moments to see Archer blunder through is the reveal that Lucas Troy has a singular homosexual love interest in him. Troy isn't a homosexual in the wider sense; he only has the hots for Archer. Watching him having to come to terms with Troy's love for him is perhaps the single most gratifying moment on the show, given Archer's hilarious overcompensations for his own heterosexuality. The icing on the cake for all this is Lucas Troy's deathbed confession. Archer learns that he was taken advantage of by Troy during a night of drunken debauchery. The episode ends with Archer sitting in the backseat of the car as they make their way back to Manhattan. Everyone is silent, until Archer asks..."Can we have the radio?"Amazing.

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