17 Mistakes Every Drunk Person Makes

Be honest, how many of these have you done?

  1. 1

    Not drinking water or staying hydrated

  2. 2

    Taking that last shot of the night you convinced your friends you could handle

  3. 3

    Texting/hooking up with your ex

  4. 4

    Drunk texting pretty much anyone, for that matter, has rarely led to good things

  5. 5

    Don't even get us started on drunk dialing

  6. 6

    Trying to browse social media drunk and liking a pic from 4 years ago

  7. 7

    Taking and sending provocative pictures

  8. 8

    Binge eating

  9. 9

    Becoming a victim to the effects of beer googles

  10. 10

    Putting on or redoing your makeup when you're already drunk

  11. 11

    Listening to that TSwift song you know makes you cry every time

  12. 12

    Getting a little too sexual with acquaintances who don't need to know your kinks

  13. 13

    And don’t forget sharing too much of your history with total strangers

  14. 14

    The real struggle is when you spend a little too much rent money on booze

  15. 15

    Or picking a fight with someone that you clearly have no business arguing with

  16. 16

    Getting a little too real with your designated driver who’s probably already over your drunk shenanigans

  17. 17

    Passing out with your clothes and makeup still on when you get home is never the best move

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