16 Ways To Look Chic In Sneakers

That's right, you can wear sneakers and not look like a teenage boy!

  1. 1

    Pair with a dress:

    If you want to wear sneakers at the office, try keeping your outfit professional and choosing a pair of simple, sleek shoes that won't attract too much attention.

  2. 2

    Back to black:

    Black Nike Free Run is the latest trend and everyone needs to own a pair. Rock these kicks with dresses, skinny jeans, or rompers! Buy them here: http://swoo.sh/1EHDRw1

  3. 3

    Simplicity at its best:

    If you want a look that's more feminine, choose minimalist sneakers like these all-white kicks.

  4. 4

    Sporty isn't just for the gym:

    We all know gym shoes are the most comfortable, and wearing them can actually be stylish! These colorful sneakers look awesome with a neutral outfit. Try this pair of Mizuno running shoes: http://bit.ly/1F56RsX

  5. 5

    Basic lace-up trainers look great with everything:

    Buy these matte-leather, vampy kicks from ASOS: http://bit.ly/1IUTMda

  6. 6

    Stylish slip-ons:

    Cuff your jeans a little bit to show off how cute your sneakers are. Black slip-ons go with everything. Check out more styles here: http://bit.ly/1E8EQzY

  7. 7

    Flirty and fun:

    Girly and feminine. No heels needed.

  8. 8

    '90s Back Alright:

    These high top platform Converses look so fun and hip on Miley. Grab a pair today: http://bit.ly/1BeCrFT

  9. 9

    Printed sneaks

    How cute are these leopard printed slip-ons? Buy them from Steve Madden today: http://bit.ly/1imXOMy

  10. 10

    Studded sneakers + Maxi dress:

    Studded sneakers give this look a fierce edge. Slide effortlessly into this dazzling trend here: http://bit.ly/1IUZ8VF

  11. 11

    Show off your athleisure style:

    Be athletic AND stylish. Pair a simple sweater and leggings with sockless shoes!

  12. 12

    Dress it down:

    All-white trainers give this simple shift dress a not-so-simple twist. Pairing a dress with shoes like this will make you look casual, polished, and cool. Buy your nice & clean whites here: http://bit.ly/1FaSrst

  13. 13

    Perfectly normcore:

    Loose-fitted jeans + sneakers.

  14. 14

    Show-stopping metallica:

    Light the path with these holographic, metallic sneakers. Buy a pair of these futuristic Vans here: http://bit.ly/1KuneHp

  15. 15

    Low-top sneakers:

    Pair your favorite sundress with low-top sneakers, like Keds, for a cute and playful look. Buy the Taylor Swift shoes here: http://bit.ly/1IZknnS

  16. 16

    Be bold with sneaker wedges:

    Looking for a thrilling dress-and-sneakers kind of combo? If you’re a bold fashionista who likes to break the rules every once in a while, try wearing sneaker wedges with a dress. Buy them from ASOS: http://bit.ly/1ceiFlx

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