16 Reasons Why Everybody's Talking About The Gilmore Girls Trailer!

Don't miss number 15!

  1. 1

    Lorelai has the same girl crush we all do!

    The very first sentence we hear from Lorelai Gilmore after 9 long years is "Do you think Amy Schumer would like me?"

  2. 2

    And the same guy crush.

    The last words we hear from Lorelai Gilmore until November is about John Oliver.

  3. 3

    Wait. November...does that mean...?

    Twinkle lights. Stocking hung above the sewing machine. Evergreen branches in a bowl. That all adds up to one thing: Christmas Episode!

  4. 4

    All our favorite places are there!

    The multi-denominational church!

  5. 5

    The Gazebo!

    And it's all done up for FALL!

  6. 6

    Doose's Market!

    Spring herbs are on sale. How about cornstarch?

  7. 7

    The Dragonfly

    Are Michel and Sookie still there? Are they finally getting along? (We hope not.)

  8. 8


    Coffee coffee coffee!!!

  9. 9

    Corpse Flower

    Lorelai's random references are still flying as fast as they ever were, but at least Rory has Google at her fingertips now.

  10. 10


    In Rory's mouth, on her plate, and served up on a platter Mama-Gilmore style!

  11. 11

    Nothing has really changed.

    They might have smartphones, but they sit at the kitchen table and read the newspaper while drinking coffee and having very important conversations.

  12. 12

    Lorelai still hates watersports

    For some reason Lorelai didn't respond with "dirty" when Rory said it, but that'll be fixed later...we're sure.

  13. 13

    I'm with Human

    Seriously. Where can we get that shirt?

  14. 14


    Just everything.

  15. 15

    Amy Schumer's response

    Who wouldn't, Amy?

  16. 16

    John Oliver's response!

    The in-built heat detector never lies!

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