16+ Funny Photos Showing How Cropping Totally Changes The Story

Everyone wants to believe their own eyes, but what you don't see can often make all the difference. Photoshopping an image might be the most common way to change a picture's narrative, but simple cropping is a low-tech alternative that can be just as effective.

  1. 1

    #1 Nice To Chill By The Pool

  2. 2

    #2 This Picture Of Sutro Tower In San Francisco Makes It Look Like The Top Of A Floating Ship

  3. 3

    #3 When He Asks For Nudes But You Ain't About That Life

  4. 4

    #4 How The Media Can Manipulate Our Viewpoint

  5. 5

    #5 Who Needs Fake Boobs?

  6. 6

    #6 Cropping Changes Everything

  7. 7

    #7 Cropping Changes Everything

  8. 8

    #8 There's Really Nothing Quite So Sweet As Tiny Little Baby Feet

  9. 9

    #9 The Truth Of A Lovely Holiday Picture

  10. 10

    #10 Just Taking A Photo In Front Of A Nice Building. Oh, Wait

  11. 11

    #11 This Is How I Travel

  12. 12

    #12 When You See It

  13. 13

    #13 Facebook Profile Picture Vs. Reality

  14. 14

    #14 What Is This?

  15. 15

    #15 Sending Weirdly Cropped Photos To My Brother

  16. 16

    #16 My Baby Caught Me Sleeping

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