15 Scariest Places To Spend Halloween

Forget the horror movie marathon; if you want a real scare this Halloween, consider spending it in one of these spots.

  1. 1

    Hoia Baciu

    The world’s most haunted forest, visitors have reported intense anxiety, nausea, vomiting, and missing time, as well as unexplained scratches, rashes and burns. Others have described disembodied voices, giggling and feelings of being watched.

  2. 2

    Russia’s City of the Dead

    The 100 stone houses sat on a hillside are actually crypts filled with the dead and, often, their belongings.

  3. 3

    Cambridge Military Hospital

    Closed in the mid 1990s after asbestos was discovered in the walls, the abandoned derelict building now stands as a creepy reminder of its past.

  4. 4

    Chapel of Bones

    The bones of 5000 monks line the walls of the Portuguese chapel, with two bodies hanging from the ceiling.

  5. 5

    Metropolitan State Hospital

    A murder occurred on the Massachusetts asylum’s grounds in the 1970s, when patient Melvin Wilson killed fellow patient Anne Marie Davee. Wilson buried her body in three separate graves.

  6. 6

    Annison Funeral Parlour

    A funeral parlour for over 100 years and alleged to be the last place an infamous Victorian murder victim was seen, the Annison funeral parlour is known as Hull’s most haunted site.

  7. 7

    Bethnal Green Underground

    During an air raid in WWII, 173 people were crushed to death while taking shelter in the tube station. Staff have since reported hearing the screams of women and children.

  8. 8

    Hell Town

    As you might expect, Hell Town in Ohio lays claim to any number of paranormal phenomena, including: Satanist cults; a haunted cemetery; and a ghost hearse that chases you out of the town.

  9. 9

    St. George’s Church

    Abandoned in the 1960s, this Czech Republic church was closed after the roof fell in during a funeral service. Now, it is filled with sculptures of ghosts, making it all the more terrifying.

  10. 10

    Edinburgh Castle

    One of Scotland’s most haunted sites, Edinburgh Castle was subjected to a 10-day scientific survey with 240 volunteers. Almost half of those involved reported their clothes being pulled at by invisible presences, drops in temperature and ghostly sightings.

  11. 11

    West Virginia State Penitentiary

    Around 100 executions took place in this prison before it closed in the 1990s. Take a nighttime tour and prepare to see the ghosts rumoured to haunt it.

  12. 12

    Capuchin Catacombs

    Often hanging from the walls, around 8000 mummified remains can be found here.

  13. 13

    Riddle House

    Originally a funeral parlour, it’s said to be haunted by a former employee who hanged himself in the attic.

  14. 14

    Borley Rectory

    Britain’s most haunted house, Borley Rectory stands on the site of a church and monastery: home to a monk who fell in love with a nun. When they were discovered, he was hanged and she was buried alive.

  15. 15

    Ireland’s Leap Castle

    Rumoured to be one of the world’s most haunted castles, this has played host to a number of horrible deaths, including the murder of a priest by his own brother.

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