15+ Funny Bumpers Stickers That Will Make You Look Twice

The first bumper stickers were mainly designed to attract tourists. For example, in the 1940s and 1950s, famous destinations had stickers that recreated their signs. The staff would simply walk around the parking lot and attach the promotional sticker to every car that came to visit.

  1. 1

    #1 Bumper Sticker For Adults

  2. 2

    #2 This Guy Was Swerving All Over The Roads. I Finally Caught Up To Him In A Parking Lot And Read His Bumper Sticker

  3. 3

    #3 Bumper Sticker Wisdom

  4. 4

    #4 I Believe In A Better World

  5. 5

    #5 No Baby On Board

  6. 6

    #6 Bumper Sticker Found At My Local Wal-Mart

  7. 7

    #7 Not Impressed

  8. 8

    #8 Canadian Bumper Sticker

  9. 9

    #9 Clap Your... Oh

  10. 10

    #10 I'm 70, Leave Me The Hell Alone

  11. 11

    #11 Walking To Class Feeling Depressed When I Saw This. Thanks, Bumper Sticker

  12. 12

    #12 Just Saw This Bumper Sticker

  13. 13

    #13 Best Bumper Sticker I've Seen

  14. 14

    #14 This Is Not The Greatest Car In The World

  15. 15

    #15 I've Got A Perfect Body

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