15 Breathtakingly Beautiful Botanical-Inspired Tattoos

These wonderful tattoos are wonderful inspiration for any upcoming parlor trips !

  1. 1

    This olive branch with magenta and blue flowers is peaceful

  2. 2

    These shaded flowers create a beautiful crisp picture

  3. 3

    This transformational tattoo shows flowers in two stages of blooming

  4. 4

    This creation looks terrific and very scary to get!

  5. 5

    This tattoo is full of life and features an array of agriculture

  6. 6

    This stunning illustration of a dreamcatcher has some pink flowers hanging off of it

  7. 7

    Magnificently colored butterflies bounce off plants in this piece of body art

  8. 8

    This woman had a gorgeous garden of foliage permanently inked on her.

  9. 9

    This spinal tattoo uses excellent detail in the flowers. Simple and aesthetic

  10. 10

    These well-detailed and layered flowers look like they were plucked from an Ed Hardy shirt!

  11. 11

    The flowers on this tattoo have beautiful color and detail

  12. 12

    This circular display features flowers, fruit, and one curious bird

  13. 13

    This tattoo is artistically detailed and has an autumnal feel with those bare trees.

  14. 14

    This tattoo, while in a precarious location, is quite elegant and well-done

  15. 15

    This final tattoo has a terrific design with an array of wildlife and style

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