13 Struggles All Game of Thrones Fans Have During Off Season

The struggle is real

  1. 1

    Recovering from the awesomeness of the previous season

  2. 2

    Not knowing what to do with yourself on Sunday nights

  3. 3

    Struggling to find something to talk about on Mondays, that's not GOT related

  4. 4

    Trying to get everyone in the entire universe to watch the show

  5. 5

    Constantly theorizing

  6. 6

    Arguing with people over theories and speculations

  7. 7

    Missing your weekly dose of violence

  8. 8

    Trying out new shows, but nothing is as great

  9. 9

    Missing Hodor so you listen to his non-Hodor like music

  10. 10

    Freaking out over any clue about the upcoming season

  11. 11

    Rewatching your favorite episode or entire series

  12. 12

    Treating the first trailer like the best gift ever

  13. 13

    Denying how faw away the upcoming season is

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