11 Reasons Why TNT Should Renew Major Crimes For Season 6

Those are enough reasons TNT!

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    Top-Notch Cast

    The cast of Major Crimes is composed of an abundance of exceptionally skilled actors who work together seamlessly and with such ease, a well-oiled machine would get jealous watching them. The team of actors manages to draw in and capture the audience week after week, episode after episode. They form a perfect symbiosis in which each member is integral but probably none more than Mary McDonnell. She is the beating heart, the engine of the show. The engine that gets fueled by the brilliant interplay of the entire ensemble.

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    Stellar Writing

    James Duff and his writing team have not written one single bad story in (almost) 5 seasons of Major Crimes. They are always keeping it fresh and never settle for anything that is less than perfect. Some fans might not like every story-line they are going with or would prefer to see more of one certain character than of the other, but what the audience never could complain about so far is a lack of quality in writing.

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    Accurate Depiction of the LAPD and Homicide Investigations

    Creator James Duff attaches great importance to the accurate depiction of the LAPD and its investigations on his show. That is why Major Crimes has its very own LAPD Detective: Mike Berham from the robbery/homicide division of the (real!) LAPD joined the Major Crimes' predecessor The Closer as an adviser and eventually left the LAPD to work on the show full time. He helps the Major Crimes cast and crew to be as accurate about LAPD procedures and policies as possible. Many of the cases depicted in the episodes are based on Berham's experiences as an detective.

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    Major Crimes consists of a truly diverse cast and crew. One would have to look very hard to find one minority that is not represented on the show in one way or another. However, Major Crimes hardly ever talks about embracing diversity, instead it shows it, demonstrating the audience how it could and should be.

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    Numbers don't lie. And Major Crimes' numbers are looking really good. After Rizzoli & Isles (which just aired its series finale), Major Crimes is TNT's most successful series. Apart from that, Major Crimes managed to win over even more viewers this season than they did last year. This is especially impressive since the show had been given the 10pm time slot that usually draws in a lot less viewers than the 9pm slot (which Major Crimes previously had). In the week Aug. 22-28 Major Crimes even managed to be the most watched (Live + 7 ratings) cable series after The Walking Dead. Only recently, on Sept 19, the mid-season finale of Major Crimes aired and despite the competition of football and the premieres of broadcast-fall-TV shows, Major Crimes managed to win the night as most-watched scripted cable broadcast. More detailed information on the ratings can be found -> http://majorcrimestv.net/an-open-letter-to-tnt-president-kevin-reilly-regarding-the-season-6-renewal-of-major-crimes

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    Portrayal of Underrepresented Relationships

    For a long time movies and TV shows liked (and far too many of them still do) to pretend that love only happens to 20something- year-old, straight people. Major Crimes completely eliminated this prejudice by gifting their viewers with peeks into relationships one does not encounter all that often on television. The main couple of the show has long passed their 20s, in fact they have children who are currently that age. Then there is a couple of two young men that fell in love and whose affection for each other does not get hidden in-between scenes. Major Crimes is not afraid to remind that love has no age, no gender or sexual orientation. Love is love.

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    Focus on Social Issues

    Foster care, adoption, addiction and homelessness are just very few of many social issues Major Crimes is regularly dealing with. The show received several awards for their realistic portrayal of such difficult topics. Only recently Major Crimes won the Imagine Award for the positive portrayal of Latinos and Latino cultures in television and film.

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    Humor can be found in the most unexpected places. At the LAPD Major Crimes division for example. Humor and sarcasm can be a coping mechanism. And police officers have a lot to cope with over the years. Major Crimes understands that and uses humor and sarcasm in pretty much all their episodes. It creates a pleasant balance for the characters, the actors as well as for the viewers.

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    Successful Spinoff

    Major Crimes is one of the very few spinoffs on television that is actually successful. Many people even belief that Major Crimes exceeds the quality of its predecessor The Closer. TNT is lucky to be able to call such a popular spinoff their own.

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    Major Crimes Flourished with only very Little Promotion

    For the last few seasons Major Crimes received very little attention from TNT when it came to promotion. Nonetheless the series did exceptionally well, gained new viewers and aced a time slot change from 9pm to 10pm like no other show on TNT ever did.

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    Female Role Models

    The Major Crimes squad is lead by a kickass woman who fought her way up the career ladder in a male dominated environment. Captain Sharon Raydor is strict, exact and does not put up with anyone's bullshit while at the same time being compassionate, understanding and most certainly one of the greatest moms ever seen on television. She is intelligent and opinionated but so are all the other major women on the show: Detective Amy Sykes who regularly kicks some criminals' butts and sassy D.D.A. Andrea Hobbs who helps the Major Crimes division making deals with the criminals.

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