11 Artists To Check Out While Waiting For Adele's New Album

Because "25" can't come fast enough.

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    Andra Day

    Backstory: This Cali native, who, like Adele, studied singing at a performing--arts school, broke out in 2012 with viral YouTube clips. She honed her soulful chops on her 2015 debut, Cheers to the Fall, which features collabs with Raphael Saadiq. Best track: On “Rise Up” Day belts a stunning gospel-tinged ode to self-empowerment.

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    Jessie Ware

    Backstory: The British singer gained attention thanks to guest spots on tracks by Disclosure and SBTRKT before putting out two stellar albums full of sultry ballads.Best track: The serene 2014 tune “Say You Love Me” showcases Ware’s breathy pipes over lush production from Katy Perry producer Benny Blanco.

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    Sharon Van Etten

    Backstory: She’s part coffee-shop folkie, part art-indie siren, and all raw nerves: Van Etten’s quartet of albums artfully blend carefully curated blues hums and her always-about-to-bawl emoting.Best track: The devastating “I Always Fall Apart,” a shambling late-night confession dressed in a sweet pop song.

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    Backstory: A coed Brooklyn trio with a penchant for pairing gauzy arrangements and dreamy double-tracked vocals with emotionally piercing lyrics.Best track: The gorgeously constructed heartbreaker “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl.”

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    Years & Years

    Backstory: U.K. electro-poppers with real beating hearts where their synths are—anchored by frontman Olly Alexander’s feathery, high-altitude vocals.Best track: “Eyes Shut,” a finger-snapping, falsetto--laced beauty.

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    Backstory: Backed by the atmospheric folk instrumentation from guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi -Aguilella, British singer Elena Tonra delivers incredibly vivid dirges about ex-boyfriends and the dearly departed.Best track: On the new song “Doing the Right Thing,” Tonra whisper-sings a gut-wrenching tale about a family member struggling with Alzheimer’s.

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    Mizan K

    Backstory: An Ethiopian-born New Yorker whose velvet-and-wood-smoke voice caught the attention of Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor; he’s releasing her debut "Dark Blue" EP on his own Terrible Records on Nov. 6.Best track: “7 Billion” is a song so timeless—a few spare piano chords are her only accompaniment—it could have been played in a blues club 60 years ago.

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    Seinabo Sey

    Backstory: The Swedish--Gambian Sey is a student of Mary J. Blige’s hip-hop soul, which means that even when her club-diva wail is making booties sweep the floor, there’s always a rousing message of personal empowerment.Best track: “Easy,” with its stirring a cappella intro and cinematic march of a beat.

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    Lianne La Havas

    Backstory: There’s a reason La Havas has been drafted to collaborate with Prince: Between her soulful voice, funky rhythmic instincts, and genre--bending songwriting skills, it’s as though the 26-year-old Brit were built in a lab by the Purple One himself.Best track: The swinging R&B single “What You Don’t Do” is as warm and cozy as a cashmere sweater.

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    James Morrison

    Backstory: This British artist may look like Chris Martin of Coldplay’s younger brother, but he’s got a gritty voice that recalls soul titans like Otis Redding.Best track: On “Demons,” Morrison confesses about overcoming personal travails, with killer electronic production—dig those sped-up vocal samples.

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    Backstory: No, not Bruce and Demi’s daughter. This Rumer (born Sarah Joyce) is the biggest pop star in the parallel dimension where frothy disco and ’70s soft rock still reign.Best track: “Baby, Come Back to Bed” marries minimalist swoop to Rumer’s tale of breaking up to make up.

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