10 Trends From The '90s That Totally Made A Comeback

And we're so happy they did!

  1. 1

    1. Scrunchies

  2. 2

    Secure your high pony

  3. 3

    Add some spunk to your braid

    You can buy all types of scrunchies at American Apparel here: http://bit.ly/1HdQMm5

  4. 4

    2. Platform Shoes

    Reimagined with a new modern design.Like these, from ASOS: http://bit.ly/1EYXLim

  5. 5

    Chunky shoes are all the rage!

    Get these from Steve Madden: http://bit.ly/1c1Xzqq

  6. 6

    Platform sneakers are back, too!

    Jeffrey Campbell carries some awesome styles: http://bit.ly/1c1XOSs

  7. 7

    3. Berry Lips

    While deep berry lips were a '90s beauty staple, the trend can still be spotted on today's red carpet. Dark vampy lips look incredible and really make the face pop.

  8. 8

    4. Crop Tops

    Everybody wore midriff-revealing top back in the 1990s and we're beyond happy this look has made its return! We can thank the Queen of Crops, Taylor Swift, for securing their place in today's fashion.

  9. 9

    Today, we're all about the "crop top co-ord"

    A matching crop top and skirt set! This one is from Nasty Gal: http://bit.ly/1PSIYeoAndthere's a huge selection at ASOS: http://bit.ly/1JW0HzJ

  10. 10

    5. The Denim Jacket

    Denim was probably one of the first '90s fashion to enter the present day and we're still into it! They are the perfect light jacket for spring and they look amazing when paired with sundresses and long maxis.

  11. 11

    6. Doc Martens are back and better than ever.

    Floral patterns transform the '90s grungy shoe into something cute and feminine. Buy them here: http://bit.ly/1FvRiRD

  12. 12

    7. Velvet

    This is a fabric that '90s gymnasts never thought they would see again (crushed velvet gives the worst weggies). However, it's back and thankfully not in leotard form.Check out American Apparel for some awesome velvet designs: http://bit.ly/1yzkNhL

  13. 13

    8. Choker Necklaces

    Did you miss these?

  14. 14

    There's more than just the tattoo choker:

    We are loving all the different styles of choker necklaces. If you follow Kylie Jenner on Instagram, you've seen them all!

  15. 15

    9. Jelly Shoes

    Oh hello, my old friend. Jellies are back and they look the same as when we were kids. We didn't like them back then, but we're kind of digging them now. Buy them at ASOS: http://bit.ly/1PuDP1e

  16. 16

    10. Leather

    We had biker jackets in the 90s, but now we have leather everything: dresses, leggings, pants, and cardigans. We especially love the leather panel trend, like these leggings from Express: http://bit.ly/1L4ob5U

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