10 Things We Want From Season 2 Of Stranger Things

Please let the next year go by quickly...

  1. 1

    Eleven's Triumphant Return!

    She can't REALLY be dead, right?! Eggo-loving Eleven stole the hearts of fans everywhere, as well as sweet Mike's. Here's hoping that season 2 brings her back in a big way. When dealing with the supernatural, what isn't possible?

  2. 2

    Justice for Barb!

    Another dearly departed character, Barb certainly looked gone for good. But the surprise fan favorite (she only had a few short scenes) made an impression, leading to many a Twitter hashtag in favor of Nancy's bespectacled pal. Maybe the Duffer brothers could throw in a fan service flashback?

  3. 3

    Joyce and Hopper - Romance in the cards?

    There wasn't much time for romantic interludes while spelunking in the Upside Down, but there are definitely sparks between these two. There also seemed to be mention that the two have a past together. Now that Will has been found, could his mom relax a little and find love with Hawkins' finest? We hope so.

  4. 4

    Speaking of romance...Jonathan and Nancy!

    Okay, no offense to Steve intended here, especially since he turned out to be a decent guy, but there's no denying that Jonathan and Nancy developed quite a bond during their perilous adventures in season 1. We have a feeling this love triangle is just starting to heat up, and we'd love to see Jonathan and Nancy reconnect.

  5. 5

    More badass Nancy Wheeler

    What could have been a very stereotypical female role on the show as a standard shrinking violet, Nancy turned it around and wowed us all with her cunning bravery and all around badassery. Her quest for vengeance for Barb's death was admirable, and not many would be able to stare down the Monster with such cool. Nancy for Prez '16.

  6. 6

    Hopper and Eleven - Cute family alert?

    Obviously this one has a lot of hypotheticals involved. IF Eleven comes back, and IF Hopper's still around, we think it would be just about perfect if the two formed an oddball family unit. Eleven could benefit from the structure and balance the Chief could offer, and Hopper would hopefully find solace from Eleven's presence after losing his own daughter. Besides, he was leaving Eggos in the woods for her, even if it was to ease his guilty conscience. This is some serious wishful thinking on our part, but we can dream.

  7. 7

    Answers about the Upside Down

    Lost never really satisfied my questions about what the Island was, so here's hoping the Duffer Brothers provide some much needed background on what exactly this place is. Is it teeming with other monsters? What else is out there, just waiting to spill into our world? Did the portals open only because of Eleven's abilities, or is there more to it? Must. Get. Answers.

  8. 8

    Will's fate

    Will was saved from the Upside Down, but...was he? WAS HE? He appears to be his old self, laughing and joking with his friends and family, but that's before he excuses himself from dinner to cough up a giant slug and blinks his way back to the other world briefly. Was he infected by his time spent there? Are we dealing with an Alien scenario here where we might get some chest-bursting parasite? Or will time heal all for poor Will?

  9. 9

    More backstory on Brenner's experiments

    We don't know much about Hawkins Laboratory and the experiments Dr. Brenner performed there before we're thrust into the series' events. It is alluded to that one of the woman experimented on years back was pregnant and led to believe she miscarried. It is pretty much a sure thing that that child actually survived and is Eleven. What other ghosts from the lab's seedy past will the show conjure up? Is Eleven their only progeny or could we be introduced to even more "experiments"?

  10. 10

    The kids save the world

    There's no denying that this crew was the ultimate highlight of watching this show. Their friendship (which continues in real life; seriously, follow them on Instagram) and devotion to each other are peak #squadgoals. I don't care what the Duffer brothers do in season 2, as long as these kids are there for it and ultimately emerge triumphant.

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