10 Things ONLY White Chocolate Lovers Will Totally Understand


  1. 1

    1. When people say that white chocolate isn't chocolate and you’re just like…

    In 2004 after nearly a decade of petitions filed by numerous chocolate manufacturers, the FDA redefined their definition of chocolate and finally accepted white chocolate to the family. It might still be the red headed step child, but hey it’s better than nothing!

  2. 2

    2. Hearing someone say they prefer dark chocolate

  3. 3

    3. When people insist on comparing the health benefits of dark chocolate vs. white chocolate

  4. 4

    4. The rare moment when you finally meet someone who loves white chocolate as much as you do

  5. 5

    5. When someone offers you a piece of dark chocolate

  6. 6

    6. When people remind you how much fat and sugar there is in white chocolate and you’re just like...

  7. 7

    7. When a popular candy bar releases a white chocolate version

  8. 8

    Like this...

  9. 9

    and this...

  10. 10

    and this...

  11. 11

    8. That feeling you get when you're eating white chocolate and it delicately melts in your mouth

  12. 12

    9. Bringing white chocolate to the office and knowing that no one else will want a piece so you get to enjoy it all to yourself!

  13. 13

    10. The way you feel about white chocolate

  14. 14

    Little pillows of heaven

  15. 15

    Honestly, you could dip a turd in white chocolate and it would still be delicious!

  16. 16

    Have your white chocolate cake and eat it too!

  17. 17

    That's the way the cookie crumbles!

  18. 18

    For the love of white chocolate...

  19. 19

    Because at the end of the day, haters gonna hate, which just leaves more white chocolate for the rest of us!

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