10 Reasons Why Big Bang Theory Fans Are Great Sports

Sports? I don't play sports. Oh, you mean the idiomatic term "sport." In all seriousness, TBBT is one of the most popular shows on the planet, and it owes its success to its fans, whether nerdy or not, who know how to laugh and laugh at themselves.

  1. 1

    TBBT fans are smart enough to laugh at smart things.

    True fans get it because they understand physics, microbiology, and other learned fields.

  2. 2

    Celebrity guest stars get in on the fun.

    When nerd icons are willing to partake in the self-deprecating fun, you know it's got to be a good time.

  3. 3

    Nerds know how to party.

    Sure, dweebs may not get invited to every A-list party, but when they do, they know how to bring it.

  4. 4

    Pick a language, any language.

    Big Bang Theory airs in well over 50 countries and is extremely popular in most of them. How can that many people be wrong?

  5. 5

    Two words: Stephen Hawking.

    Cosmologist Stephen Hawking has only appeared on a handful of TV shows. That says something about the show and its fans.

  6. 6

    Even arrogant know-it-alls need some acceptable format of affection.

    Oh sure, physical contact isn't always desired (or required), but deep down inside every socially awkward person needs love too.

  7. 7

    Keep it simple, smarty pants.

    For a show rife with Schrodinger's Cat jokes and complex theories, the plot is deceptively simple: friends surviving and thriving.

  8. 8

    Geeks gets the last laugh.

    High school may have been hell, but nerds understand the real world paradigm shift. Geek is very very chic.

  9. 9

    Nice guys (and gals) don't finish necessarily last

    It's good to see that cliche not only set aside, but swept away for a change.

  10. 10

    Unified Theory of Humanity

    People are just people.

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