10 Reasons The 1996 Golden Globes Were Perfect

Babe, Nic Cage, and a whole lotta Cybill.

  1. 1

    Golden Globe winner 'Babe'

    The porky flick beat out 'Get Shorty,' 'Sabrina,' 'The American President,' and 'Toy Story' to win Best Film – Musical or Comedy.

  2. 2

    Nic Cage got the respect he deserved

    Long before he became a meme, the actor won the Globe for Best Actor – Drama for 'Leaving Las Vegas.'

  3. 3

    Stars heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon

    "Colors of the Wind" from 'Pocahontas' became a Golden Globe winner, nabbing Best Original Song.

  4. 4

    Cybill had her moment

    Cybill Shepherd was the woman of the hour at the 1996 Globes. 'Cybill' won Best Series – Musical or Comedy, beating out 'Frasier,' 'Friends,' 'Mad About You,' and 'Seinfeld,' and Shepherd herself won Best Actress – Musical or Comedy Series.

  5. 5

    Nicole Kidman was to die for

    Kidman nabbed Best Actress – Musical or Comedy honors for 'To Die For,' leaving Annette Bening, Sandra Bullock, Toni Collette, and Vanessa Redgrave in the dust.

  6. 6

    John Travolta got shorty

    Beating out a stacked lineup of Michael Douglas, Harrison Ford, Steve Martin, and Patrick Swayze, Travolta won Best Actor – Musical or Comedy for 'Get Shorty.'

  7. 7

    The Globes had some 'Sense'

    Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman, and Hugh Grant teamed up for 'Sense and Sensibility' and took home the award for Best Film – Drama.

  8. 8

    There was a party of five

    Neve Campbell, Scott Wolf, Matthew Fox, then-child star Lacey Chabert, Scott Grimes, and Jennifer Love Hewitt, among others, earned 'Party of Five' a Best Series – Drama Globe.

  9. 9

    The doctor was in

    Starring in 'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,' Jane Seymour picked up the Globe for Best Actress – Drama Series, edging out Gillian Anderson, Kathy Baker, Heather Locklear, and Sherry Stringfield.

  10. 10

    Brad Pitt was there

    Still in the early years of his career, the future leading man won Best Supporting Actor for '12 Monkeys' and beat competitors including Kevin Spacey and Ed Harris.

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