10+ Hospital Christmas Decorations That Show Medical Staff Are The Most Creative People Ever

When you think “hospital,” you don't often think “Christmas,” but this open list hopes to change that. At least for the holiday season! We had our pandas scour the Internet for the best photos of hospital Christmas decorations. Who knew that latex gloves can be used as a semi-sterile Christmas tree?

  1. 1

    #1 Babies Born In The Festive Period Are Wrapped Up In Christmas Stockings

  2. 2

    #2 This Hospital Knows How To Be Festive

  3. 3

    #3 You Know You Work In A Hospital When The Christmas Decorations Look Like This

  4. 4

    #4 Blood Pack Of Santaclaus

  5. 5

    #5 Christmas Light Prescription Bottles

  6. 6

    #6 Hospital Decor

  7. 7

    #7 Christmasy Skeleton Named Mal Nutrition

  8. 8

    #8 Hospital Christmas

  9. 9

    #9 Wreath Made Of Pee Jars

  10. 10

    #10 Condom Christmas Tree! Don't Forget To Use One....

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